At Everything Midwest, we’re a team of actual locals obsessed with, well… Everything in the Midwest!

We started taking offense when people called our amazing hometowns “Flyover States.” Especially because, as folks born and raised in America’s heartland, we know exactly how many awesome restaurants, bars, attractions, and other amazing things there are to do in our often overlooked part of the country.

Put simply: we knew a blog highlighting a real, honest, local’s perspective was much overdue. So, we’re making that happen!

Meet our team!




Contributor (St. Louis, MO)

As a rural Illinois transplant, I’ve called St. Louis home since 2013. I came here for my undergrad, and then like most St. Louis residents, I couldn’t bring myself to leave.

In the past 9+ years, I have lived in several different neighborhoods throughout St. Louis, working a job for much of that time that required me to drive 250 miles a week around St. Louis County! You could say that I have explored every nook, cranny, park, and coffee shop in the metro area.

  • Favorite Missouri season: It’s a toss-up between the vibrant flowers in the spring, or the cool air and rich colors of the trees in the fall.
  • Favorite STL tradition: Getting frozen custard at Ted Drewe’s and then walking down Candy Cane Lane in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood with my friends every holiday season.
  • Favorite STL memory: Seeing John Williams conduct the St. Louis Symphony at Powell Hall, where they performed his original works from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Home Alone. He’s an icon!



Contributor (St. Louis, MO)

Born and raised on the Illinois side of the river, STL has always been in my back pocket. For a while, I even took this great city for granted — having lived in as many places as I could over the last ten years, I’ve bounced from Chicago to Paris to London and still find myself confidently declaring that St. Louis is the best city I’ve ever lived in!

Full of passionate locals, loving communities, and small businesses that are as charming as they are wonderful, STL is so good that I text out “you have got to move here!!!” to at least one group chat a week.

  • Favorite STL season: The fall, hands down! There is nothing better than a morning stroll through the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market on a crisp October morning.
  • Favorite STL tradition: Fish Fry Fridays. STL has got exactly as many churches as you think plus five — and during Lent, I have a friend with a detailed map from years of experience about which fish fry to go to and when. She’s a dream and so are Fish Frys.



Contributor (Wichita, KS)

Although I am a self-defined nomad, Wichita will always be my home. Having lived in multiple states, countries, and continents, I’m proud to call Doo-Dah City my homebase.

Since I grew up, studied, and now live in Wichita, I have explored almost every restaurant, coffee shop, and cool “hang out” that we have to offer. If you want to know the ins and outs of my hometown, I’ll keep it real. The good, the bad, and the delicious!

  • Favorite Wichita Tradition: The insane light shows that neighborhoods put on during the holiday season. It’s intense, y’all!
  • Favorite Wichita Season: Spring – AKA tulip season!
  • Favorite Wichita Memory: Walking in a blizzard – yes, you read that right – just to get one of the Donut Whole’s cinnamon-swirl donuts. It was totally worth it.