A Huge, Local Guide to 11 Antique Stores in Wichita

Best Antique Stores in Wichita, Kansas

I have now furnished at least two apartments on antique stores alone, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Believe it or not, the antique market in Wichita is surprisingly phenomenal.

The handmade, cherry wood, three-piece cabinet I bought? Amazing. The ancient candlestick holder shaped like a crescent moon? Fabulous. My prized, rust-orange Frankoma mug? The love of my life.

So, if you’re an avid treasure hunter like me, then yo’re sure to enjoy any of the following antique stores. Read on for 11 of Wichita’s finest antique stores!

Map of Antique Stores in Wichita

Juliana Daniel Antiques

Located near Douglas and Hillside, Juliana Daniel Antiques is right in that cute part of town where, I swear, magic always seems to happen.

Whenever I step into Juliana Daniel Antiques, I always think to myself, “Man, I wish my house looked like this.” Their furniture and finds are that amazing.

I know it’s impractical (and way too expensive) to buy out a whole antique store, but believe me, I’ve thought about it.

Juliana Daniels is the place to go when you’re redesigning your house or furnishing a new apartment. Mark my words!

Paramount Antique Malls & Marketplace

You will not walk out of Paramount empty-handed. And that’s the gosh-darn truth. I’ve shopped here for birthday presents, decorations, and accessories, and I’ve always walked out with more than I intended.

Their malls and marketplace are filled with what seems like hundreds of booths and stalls. Each one has its own theme and specialty. So, you’re sure to find something, whether you’re into old comic books, Frankoma pottery, or vintage leather jackets.

Bondie’s Antiques and Storage in Old Town

For the longest time, Bondie’s Antiques and Storage had the coolest vintage tractor sitting outside in their parking lot. It became the backdrop for many a high school photo shoot. Moving on…

Bondie’s is one of those antique stores where you’re afraid to move too fast for fear of knocking something over. It’s cramped and crowded with wonders and treasures alike. What’s not to love?

Generations Antiques & Artisans

This mom and daughter one-stop-shop is a combination of antiques and artisanal goods. Basically, it’s like Wichita’s beloved Final Friday, but every dang day. Yeehaw!

There are candle makers, succulents, handmade knives, fresh desserts, and hand-painted porcelain on top of their vintage selection. I mean, come on! What don’t they have?

Hewitt’s Antiques

For those of you who can’t stand Ikea furniture, Hewitt’s Antiques is the place for you. This family business has been open for years now and for good reason! Every time they post a new vintage dresser on Facebook, I just about melt with envy (the Wizard of Oz, anyone?).

Pro tip: if you’re a known haggler, you might be able to score a sweet deal with the owners. Don’t tell anyone!

Old Town Architectural Salvage

This store is truly every treasure hunter’s dream come true. You want old church pews? Come on over. What about a rescued chandelier from an old ballroom? Yep, got that too. Horse-drawn sleighs? Why, of course!

I kid you not, Old Town Architectural Salvage is a sight to behold, and perfect for people wanting to inject some authentic character into their collections.

Dock 410

Dock 410’s owners have been traveling across the pond to the UK to bring back treasures to our lovely Doo-Dah City for decades. So, if you want that vintage, British style without the hefty price tag, you’ve found the right place.

If the cool antiques aren’t enough for you, Dock 410 is also home to a beautiful wildlife photography art gallery. (Located in the Arts District, Dock 410 is a main staple on many Art Crawls.)

  • Address: 410 South Commerce St, Wichita, KS, 67202
  • Website: Dock 410

Goat Britches

All you rustic lovers out there, Goat Britches is your new home base. Do you love that slightly shabby, paint-peeling, charm-filled look? Goat Britches has your back.

Although they’re not strictly antique, they do deal in refurbished furniture and other accessories, so I thought they deserved a mention. Plus, they have such a great, quirky collection of goods.

This store is buckets of fun. Hands-down.

  • Address: 767 North West St, Wichita, KS, 67203
  • Website: Goat Britches

Second Hand Rose

If you’ve read any of my articles before, you’ll know I have a deep and unrelenting love for the Delano District in Wichita. It’s simply the best! And Second Hand Rose resides in Delano which makes it, you guessed it, also simply the best.

Just like Bondie’s Antiques, Second Hand Rose is so chock-full of treasures that any klutzes (like myself) should tread carefully.

They’ve got great deals on all vintage goods, but especially beautiful furniture. And they deliver—for a small fee, but still!

Campbell’s Corner Store

If you, like me, are an outdoor dog, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that Campbell’s Corner Store has an outdoor market every Saturday from 10-4!

At this particular market, it’s $5 per bag of clothes. AKA as many clothes as you can fit in one single bag is $5. I could get in real trouble there…

If you love weird finds, like vintage baby boots or collectible Elvis plates, then Campbell’s Corner Store is the place for you. Furniture lovers may not be as happy here, but it’s still worth a visit.

Mrs. O’Leary’s

Is Mrs. O’Leary’s truly an antique shop? No, not technically, but it’s so cool I had to include it anyway!

This shop is dedicated to crafts and art with a ‘found’ treasures selection that’s worthwhile as well. They also host art classes like embellishments, collages, how to make tintype books, or enamel bangles.

  • Address: 126 North Mead St, Wichita, KS, 67202
  • Website: O’Leary’s