The 5 Best Bike Shops in Wichita

best bike shops wichita

When I was a kid, my dad and I would ride a red tandem bike all around town up until the day I could finally keep up with him on my own.

We’d pedal along the bike trails in Wichita, and, once or twice, we even competed in races together. There’s something so special about biking—I always say it’s the closest we can come to flying while still being fully planted on the earth.

If you love biking or want to get into it, there’s a huge community in Wichita waiting to welcome you with open arms! Here’s a list of the best bike shops in Wichita so you can stay outfitted and maybe find a new biking group to join!

Map of Bike Shops in Wichita, KS

Bicycle X-Change Shops

Bicycle X-Change was voted one of America’s Top 100 Bike Shops for 9 years, as well as Wichita’s Best Bike Shop 9 years in a row. They’ve been open since the ‘70s, though, so are we really surprised? Clearly, they know what they’re doing!

As the largest TREK dealer in the Midwest, Bicycle X-Change has options a-plenty. Their westside location is dedicated to rentals, while the eastside is the “Recycling Headquarters” for all used bikes.

But it’s not just about making sales at Bicycle X-Change. They’re also dedicated to giving back to their community through charitable donations. For example, they give away refurbished bicycles to kids every Christmas. Over 25 years, they’ve donated 10,000 bicycles to this cause. Now, if that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!

  • Address 1: 908 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS, 67203
  • Address 2: 1516 E Central, Wichita, KS, 67214
  • Website: Bicycle X-Change Shops

Bicycle Pedaler

East-siders, listen up! Bicycle Pedaler is going to be your new go-to, as it has been for my family for years. The former owner, Rose, was the kindest soul and knew the ins and outs of every bike in her shop. I’ll support her legacy any day!

With professional bike fittings, servicing, and loads of gear, Bicycle Pedaler has everything you need! Plus, all the things you don’t realize you need but actually do—or maybe just want.

You can browse their options online and order ahead of time, or just head on in to make some new friends.

Best of all, Bicycle Pedaler advertises and hosts several biking groups! They offer a women’s group ride called WOW that meets every Wednesday morning! Love it! They even have gravel groups if you like a bumpier ride.

Heartland Bicycle

This full-service bike shop is located in Old Town, smushed between several of the best bars and restaurants in town. They’ve got Terra, Salsa, and Giant e-bikes in stock, along with plenty of gadgets and tools.

Their rental deals are beyond affordable: a full-day mountain bike rental will only cost you $20 and the same goes for a road bike. And, best of all, the helmet is included in that price. Safety comes first, y’all!

The owner is very friendly and a rider himself, so he’s beyond prepared to answer all of your questions. This is a great place to check out if you’re a brand-new cyclist, since you’ll always be greeted with a welcoming smile.

Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop

Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop is the oldest bike shop in all of Wichita. They’ve been selling and servicing bikes since 1963—can you believe that?

With very reasonable prices and occasional discounts (follow their Facebook), Tom Sawyer is dedicated to finding the right gear that’s within your budget. Getting a new bike without breaking the bank? Consider me sold.

They’re helpful, friendly, and straight-up courteous. Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop is all about customer service and developing good working relationships with their clients. As I always say, there ain’t nothing better than some classic Midwestern hospitality!

Pedego Electric Bikes Wichita

I tend to get a little cramped and tired around mile eight or ten—don’t judge me—and, frankly, an e-bike would solve all my problems in an instant. With special pedaling assistance technology, you can go faster and farther on an electric bike. Plus, you’ll probably sweat less!

Bradley Fair is home to Pedego Electric Bikes which sells, rents, and services all Pedego e-bikes. Although buying a brand-new e-bike may not be in your price range, their rental deals are pretty affordable. They clock in at around $99 for the whole day or $20 per hour.

If you want to try something new or have some extra cash to spare, I highly recommend checking out Pedego Electric Bikes!