The 8 Best Chinese Restaurants in Wichita (Local’s Opinion)

best chinese food restaurants wichita

When those late-night cravings for moo shu pork and mapo tofu hit, you can rest easy in the ICT. We’ve got plenty of Chinese restaurants just a hop and a skip away, and good ones at that!

We’ve got a Szechuan restaurant that brings the heat, and there’s a hidden gem on the west side that’s perfect for those with a budget.

All this to say, Wichita has got its fair share of diamonds in the rough, and you know they make the best gosh darn duck in the state of Kansas.

Head to the nearest ATM and snag a 20, ‘cause some of these spots are cash only. It’s time to feast!

Map of the Best Chinese Restaurants in Wichita

Oh Yeah! China Bistro

This is the fanciest Chinese restaurant on this list—white tablecloths, baby—which makes Oh Yeah! a great spot for a dinner party or intimate reservation for two.

They do have a Chinese menu, but you have to request it as it’s not immediately offered. But hey, it’s got squid, flounder, and Taiwanese meatballs on it, so it’s worth the extra step.

Our family favorite is their Delicious Eggplant, but most everything is sure to please. Oh Yeah! China Bistro is reliably good and a solid option, no matter the occasion.

Tasty House

Formerly known as “Yin Cheng,” Tasty House may have rebranded, but they’ve still got the same great dishes. With awesome black bean noodles and several vegetarian options, Tasty House can serve even the pickiest of eaters.

Even my wonderful, beloved grandmother, a very picky eater, had a favorite dish here: Sweet and Spicy Three Ingredients.

Located on the East Side, Tasty House is the perfect place for Friday night takeout. Or Thursday. Or Wednesday. Whenever those cravings hit!

  • Address: 2431 N Greenwich Rd, #101, Wichita, KS, 67226
  • Website: Tasty House

Lee’s Chinese Restaurant

This local favorite is most famous for their hot & sour chicken wings, but that’s not all they do well here.

With a special, authentic Chinese menu, Lee’s caters to both Americanized-Chinese food fans and those with more traditional tastes. Plus, everything comes family-style, so you’re always getting a bang for your buck.

As I’ve mentioned before, my family is big on duck, and let me just say, the five-spice duck at Lee’s Chinese Restaurant does not disappoint. Actually, all of their duck dishes on both the authentic and regular menu go hard.

Ming’s Cantonese Restaurant

Ming’s Cantonese Restaurant has been around since the 1960s and remains a Wichita classic to this day. Family-owned and operated, they do keep slightly strange hours, so be sure to check if they’re open before driving across town.

They’ve got delicious, complimentary sweet rolls that you’ll scarf down in an instant if you’re anything like me. Their combination plates come at a great price for quite a bit of food—highly recommend. And, if you’re in the need for some warming comfort food, check out the Egg Fu Young. Think of it as two egg patties topped with yummy gravy and your protein of choice.

This spot is perfect for taking the whole family out to dinner without breaking the bank.

Tianluo Bistro

This Szechuan restaurant just celebrated its one-year anniversary in October, and wowee, what a year it has been!

Tianluo Bistro has been making waves for their hand-pulled noodles and fresh dumplings. That alone should warrant a visit or two.

Add to that their authentic menu, hefty portions, and beyond-delicious food, and you’ve got yourself your new favorite restaurant. You can stay in your comfort zone with classics like green onion pancakes and cashew chicken, or experiment with their jellyfish and cilantro appetizer, spicy pig feet, or boiled fish filet in red chili sauce.

Get ready for some heat!

  • Address: 11309 E Kellogg Dr N, Ste 200, Wichita, KS, 67207
  • Website: Tianluo Bistro

Ah-So Restaurant

Yet another hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Ah-So has been open for over 40 years, and this hidden gem will hopefully be open for many more.

Ah-So Restaurant is home to Wichita’s beloved mandu. These triangular dumplings are served with almost every meal, and eventually, you’ll be coming just for those.

With generous portion sizes and loads of veggies, Ah-So Restaurant is here to stay! Head on down to the west side to see what they’re all about.

Fried Rice

College students, look out! Your new favorite restaurant just arrived.

Well, not just arrived. Fried Rice has been around for decades now, but they still remain one of the true hidden gems of Wichita. This hole-in-the-wall has got amazing Americanized-Chinese food for super cheap. Their specialty? You guessed it: fried rice.

A pint of fried rice with two egg rolls and a drink will only cost you less than five bucks. And, the best part is, it’s pretty gosh darn good too. Remember to bring those dollar bills, ‘cause Fried Rice is cash only!

  • Address: 2419 S Glendale St, Wichita, KS, 67210
  • Website: Fried Rice

Grandma Thuy’s

This sweet little restaurant started in their house—that’s right, they were cooking and doling out food right from their home. Now, with a significant upgrade, Grandma Thuy’s has expanded, and we couldn’t be happier.

With a smaller menu jam-packed with gems, you’re sure to find something you love at Grandma Thuy’s. And trust me—they do fried food right here.

With some of the crispiest wings in town (I have my theories behind their crispiness–corn starch, maybe?) and some fabulous crab Rangoon, Grandma Thuy’s will satisfy all your Chinese-food cravings.

Follow their Facebook for random specials—their hot & sour soup is one such delicious example.