8 Best Greenhouses and Nurseries in Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids is home to a staggering number of greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers. Greenhouses here range from sprawling, multi-acre places that you could spend days at, to smaller, boutique spots. I’m here to prune out the weeds.

Whether you’re looking for a hanging basket for Mother’s Day, an evergreen to anchor your landscaping, or a trendy fiddle leaf fig for indoors, I’ve got you covered. I’m a local dad, so I’m lame now. I’m obsessed with landscaping. My Saturdays are spent trimming the lawn with my electric mower and spreading mulch. I use words like “aggregate” and “fescue.” I talk about fertilizer with my friends.

So you’re in good hands! Let’s dig into the best greenhouses and nurseries in West Michigan.

Map of Greenhouses and Nurseries in Grand Rapids

The best greenhouse with beer: Horrocks Market

They’ve got a greenhouse stuffed full of annuals, perennials, houseplants, trees, and more. And you better believe the prices are great. They’ve also got a garden center that covers more of your outdoor needs – it’s brimming with bird food, grass seed, fertilizer, and the like. If you’ve got gardening needs, Horrocks has the solution.

But Horrocks isn’t just a nursery. Head inside and discover the best grocery store in Grand Rapids. They’ve got a beautiful selection of cut flowers, and you can assemble your own bouquets. Horrocks is also home to a massive selection of wine and beer. The best part? Drinks are available for purchase and consumption on-site. Grab a drink and stroll through the greenhouse. Shopping’s never been so fun.

  • Address: 4455 Breton Rd SE, Kentwood, MI 49508
  • Website: Horrocks

The biggest garden center in West Michigan: Countryside Greenhouse

Countryside is a bit of a hike from town – it’s west of the GVSU Allendale campus. But it’s a hike worth making.

Ask my mother about Countryside, and you’ll get an earful. She has an adorable hat that identifies her as a “plant lady,” so she knows her stuff. Countryside is her go-to for all her gardening needs.

Expect competitive pricing on the largest selection of plants under one roof. And I mean it when I say Countryside is massive. There are 21 acres of greenhouses for you to check out. Can ya dig it?

  • Address: 9050 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale, MI 49401
  • Website: Countryside

A perennial winner: Fruitbasket Flowerland

Flowerland has deep roots in West Michigan. They’ve been a gardening institution since the 1940s. Flowerland staff even hosted a legendary local radio show on Saturday morning AM radio. The show was crammed with cheesy gardening puns (stay tuned for a couple of throwbacks) – sadly, the show’s run ended in 2022.

What can you expect at the three Flowerland locations? Good stuff, that’s what. I’ve got a fiddle leaf fig in my living room that I bought at Flowerland, and that baby’s been THRIVING for 5 years. I’ve got two hedges of hydrangeas at my place, and you better believe I bought them from Flowerland.

Flowerland also boasts an excellent selection of plastic and ceramic pottery, which often goes on sale. I stuck a couple of their modern planters on my patio, and they’re stuffed with colorful annuals in the summer.

Flowerland bonus: unlike some spots (looking at you, box stores), employees here actually have training on what they’re selling. They can help you solve your gardening, lawn, and landscaping problems.

Don’t make me kick you in the plants. Head to Flowerland like a true entre-manure.

  • Address 1: 4321 28th St. SE, Kentwood, MI
  • Address 2: 765 28th St. SW, Wyoming, MI
  • Address 3: 3801 Alpine Ave. NW, Comstock Park, MI
  • Website: Flowerland

The best if you’ve got gardening questions: W.W. Greenhouses

ww greenhouse grand rapids mi

This is another of my mom’s favorite garden centers.

Expect a whopping selection of top-notch plants. The service here is also fantastic. Employees know their gardening stuff. They’ll cover any questions you might have, from acidic soil to zen gardening.

The best with gardening events: Koetsier’s

If you’ve got plant needs, Koetsier’s has you covered. PSA, if you’re not fluent in Dutch last names, it’s pronounced: “koot-ZEERS.”

And if you want to attend a “pot party,” head to Koetsier’s. No, not the Pink Floyd kind of pot. C’mon, gang.

Okay, they’re actually called “planting parties.” And they’re a ton of fun – on Wednesdays, they’ve got wine. You can bring a planting container from home or buy one there. You pay for the soil and whatever plants you pick. My wife hit up a planting party at Koetsier’s a few years back and came home with a planter that looked beautiful. The staff at Koetsier’s helped her pick out the perfect blend of succulents (fillers, spillers, and thrillers – if you know, you know).

  • Address: 1601 Spaulding Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • Website: Koetsier’s

An annual champion: Motman’s

Like Countryside, Motman’s is near GVSU in Allendale and just off Lake Michigan Drive. Get your greenhouse on and hit up both!

Whatcha need? Annuals? Motman’s has those. Perennials, vegetables, or shrubs? Motman’s got you covered. They’ve also got pots and a handful of home decor. The staff are friendly and knowledgable, and they’ll go out of their way to help you out. They’ve been in the business of plants for over 70 years, so believe me when I say that Motman’s is a greenthumb’s idea paradise.

  • Address: 2617 River Hill Dr, Grand Rapids, MI 49534
  • Website: Motman’s

The best greenhouse on the northeast side: Romence Gardens

If you like to play in the dirt, Romence Gardens is your newest playground. Everything you can purchase at Romence was grown on-site – they mean it when they say they grow what they sell.

The staff are knowledgable and friendly. The plants are beautiful and high-quality, and they’ve got almost everything green your outdoors or indoors might need.

  • Address: 265 Lakeside Dr NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: Romence Gardens

William Bos Greenhouse & Farms

Bos is pretty much right across the street from Kotsier’s – hit up both for a fun day of flower shopping. They’ve been in the growing business for over 100 years, so you’re in good hands.