One Local’s 5 Best Indian Food Restaurants in St. Louis

best indian food restaurants in St. Louis

As soon as the first chilly breeze of fall or winter drifts into my window, I start craving Indian food. And, really, can you blame me?

Whether you’re visiting the Lou and craving Indian food, or you’re a local looking for a new favorite, I’ve got five stellar recommendations for you. (Along with superlatives to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!)

So, take a seat and grab a napkin, because just reading about these dishes is sure to make you crave some chutney!

Map of My Favorite Indian Food Restaurants in St. Louis

Best All-Around: House of India

For the best Indian food in St. Louis (in my opinion!), House of India should be your first stop. House of India (or HOI, as it’s affectionately called) uses a traditional clay oven to artfully broil its chicken tandoori and kababs. In its 27 years of operation, it’s been lauded by loads of local publications—Sauce Magazine, Ladue News, Riverfront Times—and for good reason: HOI makes really good food!

Though HOI might be a bit of a drive from your office—but really, what *isn’t* a fifteen-minute drive away in St. Louis? —it’s worth it for their wide array of Indian dishes, like zesty chicken korma, creamy lamb saag, and spicy, bursting samosas.

Plus, HOI cares about their community: for only $6, you can donate one of their hearty meals to a local in need.

Make sure to order some paneer paratha, a flatbread stuffed with cheese and onions, for the table. Finish off your meal with a creamy cup of cardamom chai and a syrupy plate of warm gulab jamun, AKA deep-fried balls of sweet cheese and my favorite Indian dessert.

  • Address: 8501 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO 63124
  • Website: House of India

Greatest Menu Variety: Turmeric

Let’s get something for certain: Turmeric is one unique joint. What other Indian restaurant in town has a menu category entirely devoted to dips and pickles?

Whether you’d like to share small plates with the table or order your own enormous serving of biryani, Turmeric has the perfect dish for you. Its atmosphere is sleek to the point of seeming a little gentrified, but rest assured, Turmeric’s as authentic as they come.

Unlike many of the other Indian joints in town, Turmeric focuses on South Indian cuisine, as opposed to more popular Northern Indian dishes. At Turmeric, you’ll find more seafood-based dishes and coconut curries than you will elsewhere in town.

To take advantage of this variety, go for tandoor-smoked salmon or a sampler platter at lunchtime. If you’re there for dinner, the possibilities are nearly endless—seriously, the menu is massive. I personally love Turmeric’s dosas, South Indian thin rice and lentil flatbreads filled to the brim with meat, egg, potato, and herbs like a crepe.

Turmeric’s original location is nestled on the westmost edge of the Delmar Loop, so get there early if you want to find parking remotely close by.

They’ve also recently opened Turmeric Street Style, a stand in the new Central West End City Foundry. This “street-style” stand features dishes that are a little more Americanized (i.e. handheld, protein-packed, portable) to attract a wider scope of customers.

If you’ve got a picky eater friend who’s hesitant to branch out cuisine-wise, this is the Indian restaurant to start with.

  •  Address 1: 6679 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO 63130
  •  Address 2: 3730 Foundry Way, St. Louis, MO 63110
  •  Website: Tumeric

Best for Carry-Out: Rasoi

Spiced crab cakes, fish curries, fruity chutneys, oh my—Rasoi on North Euclid has got it all.

Rasoi has yet to resume indoor dining due to the pandemic, so they’re carry-out only for the time being. Personally, I can’t wait until their dining room reopens. It’s a sophisticated space filled with warm yellow and red tones, plus they’ve got a gorgeous mural on their back wall. Not to mention, I miss their lunch buffet!

That being said, their food holds up incredibly well throughout the delivery process, and I’ve never had a Rasoi order show up at my doorstep later than anticipated. If you’re being extra Covid-conscious or you just want to order in, give Rasoi a call and prepare to be wowed.

  • Address: 25 North Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108
  • Website: Rasoi

For the Best Breads: Haveli Indian Restaurant

There are plenty of reasons you should want to stop by Haveli: their tandoori chicken wings, their dal soup, their space’s warm ambience. However, my favorite reason to visit Haveli is their wide variety of breads. Whether you favor poori, paratha, or roti, you’ll find a new carb of choice here. Plus, they’ve got loads of different naan flavors, from chili to garlic and paneer to onion kulcha. Yum!

Load up with classic Indian fare at their buffet—chicken korma, goat curry, aloo tikki, and the works. At about 20 bucks, it’s on the pricier side, even for an all-you-can-eat buffet. But let me tell you, for these flavors, any price is worth it. And everything on their menu is totally customizable spice-wise, so if your palette is milder, there’s no need to worry.

Plus, Haveli’s got traditional décor that makes for a sweet and welcoming atmosphere. Once you settle into your seat, you’ll never want to leave!

  • Address: 9720 Page Ave., St. Louis, MO 63132
  • Website: Haveli

Best Vegetarian and Kosher Indian Food: Gokul Indian Restaurant

If you’ve got dietary restrictions, but still want to enjoy Indian food to the fullest, head to Gokul. They’re certified Kosher by the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis, and there’s no meat on the premises.

Because of this, many of their entrees are paneer-based. You can get it prepared in a biryani, fried as a pakora, stewed in a vindaloo or tikka masala-style…basically, Gokul can provide any iteration of the smooth, fresh, hearty cheese you could envision.

Can you take the heat? Then order some of Gokul’s Fire Naan, a tandoor-baked flatbread loaded with some HOT spices. Cool down with a lassi (salty, sweet, or mango) or some kheer, a rice pudding spiced with cardamom.

  • Address: 6101 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63112
  • Website: Gokul