The Best Sushi Restaurants in Wichita, Ranked by a Local

best sushi wichita kansas

Finding good sushi in the Midwest is no easy feat. Let’s be honest here, being smack dab in the middle of the country, land locked as can be, means finding fresh fish can be a little difficult too.

So, after years of journeying throughout Wichita, testing sushi rolls, gyoza, and bento boxes to my heart’s delight, I have compiled the best of the best sushi restaurants in my hometown. Whew.

Whether you’re new to town or just visiting, know these places come tried and true, and they’re often born right here in Doo-Dah City.

Keep on reading for my personal favorite sushi restaurants in Wichita! Let’s get munching.

Map of the Best Sushi Restaurants in Wichita, KS

Most creative: Bento Cafe

I’ve got two words for you: sushi burrito. Yep, you read that right. Bento Cafe is one of the fusion highlights of Wichita, melding the flavors of Mexican food and, of course, the iconic Japanese sushi.

I did a double take when I first heard of their sushi burritos, but I simply couldn’t get it out of my head. And what a blessing that turned out to be, because those burritos are to die for. Or should I call them sushiritos??

Whether you’re in the mood for tuna, salmon, or shrimp, Bento Cafe has got the fusion-burrito of your dreams. If you’re ever on the west side of Wichita, you know where to stop next.

  • Address: 550 North Ridge Rd Wichita, KS 67212
  • Website: Bento Cafe

Best for quality: Ninza Sushi Bar

My sister is an avid sushi eater, though her tastes may be more, shall we say, simple than others. Let it be known that she raves about Ninza Sushi Bar’s California roll. “They have mastered it,” she said. The more you know!

In all seriousness, Ninza Sushi Bar has some of the best sushi in Doo-Dah City, California roll included. Although it may be lacking in the ambient vibes, Ninza surely makes up for it in taste and portion size. Drool-worthy.

Even travelers from coastal cities—where the fish is fresh, imagine!—rave about Ninza Sushi Bar. Although the owner, Seong Han, was born in South Korea, he trained for years in the art and practice of sushi-making. If that isn’t evidence enough, I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Address 1: 306 North Rock Road Unit 20 Wichita, KS 67206
  • Address 2: 8428 West 13th Street North, #100 Wichita, KS 67212
  • Website: Ninza Sushi East, Ninza Sushi West

Best for date night: Blue Fin Sake Bar

There’s something so magical about Wichita’s Old Town neighborhood. Whether it be the red brick roads—à la Yellow Brick Roads of Oz—or the live music streaming out of just about every restaurant, Old Town is the perfect place for date night. And Blue Fin Sake Bar is sure to take that date up to the next level.

Fun fact: I had my Homecoming dinner at this very restaurant. And let me just say, it did not disappoint. Blue Fin Sake Bar is well-known for its creative and, dare I say it, spicy sushi rolls. Just to list a few: the Red Fantasy roll, the Hot Night roll, and, last but not least, the Sexy roll.

Blue Fin Sake Bar is currently owned by the founders of Ninza Sushi Bar. In order to save their staff from unemployment after a tragic fire, the owners bought Blue Fin Sake Bar and re-hired their old staff. We love to keep it #loyaltolocal in Wichita.

If you’re ready to take your night out up a notch, go grab a glass of sake and settle in for trays of mouth-watering sushi. You’re welcome.

Best for excellent service: Sapporo Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Desperate for a quiet night out? Looking to find solace and comfort in a delicious platter of sushi rolls? Look no further. Sapporo Japanese Sushi Restaurant is the place for you.

This restaurant has some of the most attentive and excellent service in town. No lie. It’s clear that the staff and owners are passionate about promoting great customer experiences. Some might even argue that Sapporo is the best sushi restaurant in Wichita. But I’m not here to debate.

And if the sushi isn’t enough for you, Sapporo’s dumplings are also a fan favorite. No, but seriously. Try that Peachtree roll. Clearly, they’re worth a visit.

Best for fast dining: Wasabi Sushi Bar

The Wasabi East and Downtown locations are absolutely local favorites. As all true Wichitans know, Wasabi Sushi Bar can get you good sushi. Fast.

Although their west-side location has been experiencing some issues during the pandemic, Wasabi is still a trusty go-to for Wichitans, Kansans, and Midwesterners alike. Take it from me. Wasabi Sushi Bar is well worth your money and time.

With classics like vegetable tempura, perfectly steamed edamame, and seaweed salad, Wasabi is great for sushi-eaters of all tastes and levels. For those with a more advanced palate, I recommend the Coconut Gigolo roll for a wild twist and the Stone Henge roll for a good crunch.