The 8 Best Toy Stores near Grand Rapids (Parent’s Guide)

best toy stores in grand rapids mi

Game on.

Looking for your next board game obsession for family game night? Or maybe an ultra-soft stuffed animal for your grandkid’s birthday? How about a puzzle to entertain and delight you during the cold winter months?

If you’ve got kids or grandkids and need to find them the perfect toy, I’ve got you covered. Skip the box store and shop local. Hit up one of the many toy stores that are thriving in the Grand Rapids area – I’m spilling the tea on my favorites. Let’s roll.

Map of the Best Toy Stores near Grand Rapids, MI

The best toy store in West Michigan: Aunt Candy’s Toy Company

Candy, the owner, opened Aunt Candy’s in 1993 in Grandville before moving to the current location in Rockford. Fun fact: Aunt Candy’s was the place to score a Beanie Baby when Beanie mania (great HBO doc) was sweeping the country in the late 90s. What a time that was. My Princess Diana beanie has to be worth a million bucks by now.

Today, you can expect boutique toys galore. Hot brands like Uncle Goose Blocks, Green Toys, and Jellycat line the shelves. The store sprawls – you’ll be zig-zagging through aisles, navigating ramps and stairs, and discovering sensational toys everywhere. Aunt Candy’s Toy Company has more nooks and crannies than an English muffin. It’s like a toy explosion (toy-nado?) happened inside.

If (like me) your gift-wrapping skills are lacking, fear not! Free gift wrapping is available, and your present will look so enticing that the little one in your life will rip it open with glee.

  • Address: 63 Courtland St, Rockford, MI 49341
  • Website: Aunt Candy’s

The best toy store downtown: Vault of Midnight

Best name for a toy store of all time? Maybe.

Vault of Midnight is more of a comic book/graphic novel/board game place than a traditional toy store. No stuffies or balls to be had here.

But if you’re looking for your next Euro-style board game in the vein of TTR (that’s Ticket To Ride) or Settlers (of Catan, hey-o), Vault of Midnight’s got you. They’ve got mountains of Role Playing games for all you nerds, too. (I say that with love! As a fellow nerd! Roll for initiative!)

The store is tidy, well-lit, and very hip. In short, a paradise for gamers and comic book nerds.

  • Address: 95A Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: Vault of Midnight

Best classic toy store: Hopscotch Children’s Store

Hopscotch is slaying it. They’ve got that perfect children’s toy store charm. It’s full of all the nicer toys made of wood and metal, putting the plastic junk you find in box stores to shame. Take it from a dad and grab your kids a wooden train set or magnetic tiles – they’re good for hundreds of hours of fun.

Hopscotch is more than toys. They’ve got books, a limited clothing selection, and kid’s plates, cups, and the like.

Oh, the Cherry Street location is primetime, too. Walk over to Maru for some of Grand Rapid’s best sushi after you shop, grab a cocktail from Less Traveled, or go to Grove if you’re fancy.

  • Address: 909 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • Website: Hopscotch

The best toy store for kites: MACkite

If you’ve spent any time at Lake Michigan, you’ve probably seen the kites. If you see one flying, human instinct is to point up and say, “kite,” much like saying “horses” when driving past horses.

Grab yourself a kite from MACkite and take to the skies. Single-line kites, stunt kites – whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got it.

Psst. If kites are your thing, check out the Grand Haven Kite Festival, the largest in the Midwest. In your face, Duluth. Be dazzled as stunt kites fly in a choreographed dance.

MACkite also sells toys and other kid stuff. Expect tidy aisles of colorful boxes. But trust me. Get a kite – your kid is gonna love it.

  • Address: 106 Washington Ave, Grand Haven, MI 49417
  • Website: MACkite

The best toy store on 28th Street: Rider’s Hobby Shop

I have fond childhood memories of wandering the aisles of Rider’s, looking at the insanely cool RC cars and boats, the model rocket kits, the slot cars. My favorite, though, was the miniatures – small metal figurines of all kinds of mythical creatures. Hideous orcs, magnificent wizards, bushy-bearded dwarves, and serpentine dragons. Oh yeah, I was a D&D kid.

Rider’s is still there, still cool, still wowing the young and the young at heart. Take your little one to Rider’s. Help them find their next obsession.

The best for board gamers: Out of the Box Games

Another amazing store. Out of the Box sells new and used board games. Find the next Euro-style board game you’ll go bonkers over here.

They’ve even got a lending library, where you can check games out of and play in-store for free – how cool is that? Try it before you buy it, gang.

The massive puzzle selection deserves a shout-out, as do the owners and staff. They are universally delightful, friendly, and helpful.

  • Address: 5212 Division Ave S, Kentwood, MI 49548
  • Website: OOTB

The best for Japanophiles : Galactic Toys and Collectibles

They’ve got other stuff, like Star Wars figures and Magic: the Gathering cards.

But this is predominantly a store that trades in Japanese culture. Pokemon, I know. Gundam, Funko, Nendoroids are all new to me. But if you know what a Bandai statue is, then Galactic Toys is your new favorite toy store.

On Saturdays, they’ve got Pokemon day. Just 5 bucks will get your kid a pack of cards, a slice of pizza, and the opportunity to trade some cards.

  • Address: 3120 28th St SE, Kentwood, MI 49512
  • Website: Galactic Toys

The best in a mall: Toys Mark

If you’re at Woodland Mall (What locals call the “old mall” – Rivertown Crossings is the “new mall,” even though it’s 20 years old. Go figure.), head to Toys Mark.

They’ve got T.Y. (which are Beanie Babies in disguise). And all the other toys kids are into these days.

Pro tip: if you’ve got a little one who likes stuffies, get them a Squishmallow from Toys Mark. My little squish is OBSESSED.

  • Address: 3195 28th St SE, Kentwood, MI 49512
  • Website: Toys Mark