The 7 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in St. Louis

best vegan vegetarian restaurants st louis

St. Louis may be known for its barbecue and gooey butter cake, but it’s got vegan options, too. As plant-based diets (like yours, presumably) have become increasingly popular, more meat-free restaurants have begun to open up in major cities, and St. Louis is no different.

This list goes out to all of the vegans and vegetarians out there, especially those who might get a lot of flak for doing what’s right for them. You’re fueling your body with earth-made goodness AND you’re helping the environment by cutting down on animal products. Pat yourself on the back!

Getting hungry? Peruse this list from a local to find your new favorite vegan or vegetarian STL eatery.

Map of the Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in St. Louis

My personal favorite vegan place: Tree House Restaurant

Nestled in a cute brick building on South Grand, Tree House is my personal favorite plant-based place to eat in the city.

They’ve got tons of seating indoors and out, so even if there’s a wait—which, if it’s a weekend morning, there probably is—the accommodating and, honestly, very cool staff can get you seated in no time.

Tree House has both vegan and vegetarian options, so if you’re up for an egg or want some dairy cheese, they’ve got it for you! Conversely, if you’ve got other dietary restrictions, such as a gluten-free diet, they have plenty of options for you, too.

If you’re heading to Tree House for brunch, I highly recommend the vegan pancakes—usually topped with a seasonal compote—and the sausage, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato hash. For dinner, go for their sweet corn hushpuppies or jambalaya. I have yet to try anything from Tree House that I didn’t love, so whatever you’re craving, it’s sure to be good.

My favorite vegan lunch: Seedz

If you’ve got a hankering for a loaded sandwich or a decadent smoothie, head to Seedz. Their entire menu is completely vegan, and they boast that they’re one of the top ten healthiest restaurants in St. Louis. With a menu as plant-packed as theirs is, I’ll take their word for it!

Seedz is my go-to place lunch place when I have a rare weekday off, and it’s easily my favorite restaurant in Demun. I typically order the vegan Reuben, which is packed with marinated tempeh, sauerkraut, and loads of sauce, and I usually pair it with a Chocolate Incredible smoothie. They’ve also got coffee, tea, and cocktails so you’ve got a tasty, healthy option no matter your beverage of choice.

Seedz offers a special Sunday brunch menu packed with tofu scrambled “eggz” and delicious veggie bowls topped with “rawmesan”. But if you can’t make it in the morning, don’t fret! Their patio is lit up by string lights at night and makes for an atmospheric meal whether you’re with your sweetheart, your family, or all by yourself.

  • Address: 6344 South Rosebury Ave, Demun, MO 63105
  • Website: Seedz Cafe

Best vegan comfort food: CC’s Vegan Spot

CC’s is the place to be if you’re craving plant-based comfort food. They specialize in soul food, and let me tell you, it’s so delicious that even your most meat-loving friend will love it.

A lot of CC’s food is made with flavorful vegan meat substitutes, like ChikN and Bakon. If you want something especially decadent, I recommend the Double Trouble burger or the gravy-soaked mashed potatoes. The mushroom quesadilla is remarkably flavorful too. If you’re craving dessert, they’ve got vegan soft serve—bonus!

For can’t-miss kombucha: Confluence Kombucha

Want a sweet, sour, and tangy drink to accompany your lunch? Look no further than Confluence Kombucha. Ok, yes, they’re primarily a kombucha place, but Confluence’s unique plant-based flavors make them a vegan must-visit.

And these flavors are fun—frankly, they can be a little wacky, but I’ve yet to try one I haven’t liked. They change by the day, but past offerings have included hibiscus jasmine and juniper, watermelon spirulina, burnt grapefruit, and gingko leaf.

Not sure which kombucha flavor you want to try? Get a flight for your table and compare your tastes with your friends.

Much like their kombucha options, Confluence’s Gastrolab food menu changes often, but expect to find an array of fermented favorites like kimchi, tea eggs, and pickled veggies. Try the pickled pineapple core if you’re feeling adventurous!

For the sustainability guru: Lulu’s Local Eatery

The next time you’re on South Grand, be sure to stop by Lulu’s Local Eatery. They’re focused on sustainability and reducing their environmental impact, so you can abandon your climate guilt at the door. Plus, you get a discount if you ride your bike to the restaurant!

Lulu’s offers more casual veggie-packed fare, such as mushroom po’boys, jackfruit barbecue, and vegan cheesesteak. And don’t forget the loaded tater tots! Get them smothered in chili or vegan nacho sauce.

For the whiskey fiend: Small Batch

Just because you’re vegan or vegetarian doesn’t mean you don’t love a treat! And Small Batch has plenty of them—alcoholic ones, to be specific. They offer a wide selection of whiskey alongside their vegetarian menu.

Small Batch is located in Midtown and it’s got a spacious, airy interior. If you and your honey are looking for a swankier place to eat and drink that doesn’t break the bank, head here.

Their menu has something to satisfy any craving, including tempura cauliflower, green fried rice with tofu, and poutine. Get some small plates and your favorite whiskey and you’re good to go!

  • Address: 3001 Locust St., St. Louis, MO 63103
  • Website: Small Batch

For the bowl aficionado: Revel Kitchen

Though Revel Kitchen does offer animal protein, don’t write them off—they’ve got some of the most extensive vegan options in the St. Louis area. They’re big on organic, locally-sourced ingredients and are happy to honor any dietary restriction you may have.

Go to Revel for a smoothie or juice, or make it a meal with a salad, like fan-favorites Righteous Roots and the Grain-Go. Any salad can be turned into a wrap if you want to fuel up with some carbs. But my personal favorite has got to be their Build-a-Bowls.

And, y’all, these bowls are super customizable. You can trick out your meal with any number of yummy marinated veggies, flavorful proteins, and spiced sauces—well, as many as you’re willing to pay extra for. I always get the lemon herb carrots and roasted zucchini, usually with the spiced tofu. A topping of the pickled onions always hits the spot, too!

Revel Kitchen began in Brentwood, and now they’ve expanded to include a Kirkwood location. Check either out if you’re craving a hearty, healthy meal.

  • Address 1: 8388 Musick Memorial Dr, Brentwood MO 63144
  • Address 2: 11215 Manchester Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122
  • Website: Revel Kitchen