Where To Take Acting Classes in St. Louis

best acting classes st louis

As a former music teacher, I will always advocate for high-quality arts education, whether it’s dance, music, visual arts, theater, or acting. Luckily, St. Louis has a thriving arts community with incredible educators who are ready and willing to share their expertise with others.  If you’re considering taking an acting class in St. Louis, you’ve … Read more

A Complete Guide to Boxing Classes in St. Louis

best boxing gyms st louis

No matter how you spin it, boxing is a great workout. Between improving your cardiovascular endurance to enhancing your hand-eye coordination, boxing has countless benefits. Plus, punching and hitting something is sometimes exactly what you need after a long day. After consulting with my friends who love boxing, and thinking about my past trips to … Read more

Where to Find Caves to Explore near St. Louis (Local Picks)

caves near st louis

As a local, sometimes I get a little sick of St. Louis. Though the city has its fair share of charm (and then some!), I tire of the strip malls and long to see some natural beauty: glorious forests, rolling hills…oh yeah, and caves, too. If you’re a nature lover who feels stuck in St. … Read more

A Guide To The Best Gyms In St. Louis

best gyms st. louis

I have a confession: I’ve never been a big fan of working out. While I love how it makes me feel afterward, I don’t love getting sweaty, running, or picking up heavy things.  However, I know that the benefits of exercise outweigh my discomfort, so in my attempt to enjoy working out, I have been … Read more

The 8 Best Chinese Restaurants in St. Louis

best chinese food st. louis

When you think of the Midwest, Chinese food is probably the last thing that comes to mind. But that’s how we get you! As a major Midwestern city, St. Louis has a surprising number of fantastic Chinese eateries! Whether you are looking for authentic Szechuan fare or your standard Chinese takeout favorites, St. Louis’s Chinese … Read more