6 Indoor Golf Spots in Grand Rapids (Definitive Guide)

indoor golfing grand rapids

Looking for the best spots to go indoor golfing in Grand Rapids? I’ve got you! You’ll be notching eagles and birdies faster than you can say, “It’s all in the hips.”

I’ll level with you. I love golfing, but I’m a hack golfer. If you see a divot at your local course, there’s a solid chance it came from my three iron. While I may not be *ahem* any good at golf, I love the sport, and I know all the hot spots for indoor golfing. So, I got that going for me, which is nice.

Oh, did I spend way too much time looking up Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack references to cram in here when I should have focused on writing this article? Absolutely. You’re welcome. Now, let’s go hit some golf balls. Just remember: be the ball.

Map of Places to Golf Indoors in Grand Rapids, MI

The best by the airport: X-Golf Grand Rapids

Lemme fill you in on what to expect at X-Golf. There’s a massive screen that displays photo-realistic recreations of some of the best golf courses on the planet. You’ll swing at an actual ball while X-Golf takes care of the rest – seriously, a new ball will be fed to the tee for you, and it even remembers your preferred tee height.

The tech (6,000 calculations per second, per X-Golf’s web copy) tracks things like ball speed, ball spin, the speed of your club, impact point, and a zillion other things. Expect hyper-realistic accuracy – my drive still slices at X-Golf, despite my best efforts.

If you worked up an appetite (or a thirst) driving and chipping on the virtual golf course, fear not! There’s a full bar and restaurant on site.

Our X-Golf facility is over by the airport on 28th Street. If you’re visiting Grand Rapids and staying at a hotel near the airport, X-Golf is the spot for you.

  • Address: 5761 28th Street SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546
  • Website: X-Golf

The best during the winter: LiveGolf Studios at Thornapple Pointe Golf Club

If you’re serious about golf, you probably know all about LiveGolf. In West Michigan, we have a pesky thing called “winter,” and it can seriously cramp your golf game. LiveGolf to the rescue.

The LiveGolf experience is similar to X-Golf. Bring your clubs, take a whack at a real golf ball, and watch it fly on a massive curved screen. Perfect your putts all winter long – go ahead, just give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo.

Note: LiveGolf at Thornapple Pointe is only open from November to March.

Hungry? Thirsty? Let’s get that taken care of. Thornapple Pointe sells beer and wine, and the bar food is solid.

  • Address: 7211 48th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • Website: LiveGolf

The best food at an indoor golf joint: Reds

Like LiveGolf studios at Thornapple Pointe, Reds uses LiveGolf simulators. Work on your short game, your drive – whatever you need – and do it in style at Reds.

The food menu here is expansive, with elevated American handheld food, pizza, and upscale options like steak and Italian dishes.

There are four private golf bays at Reds. The restaurant is nestled inside the Thousand Oakes Golf Club.

  • Address: 4100 Thousand Oaks Dr. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
  • Website: Red’s

The best indoor golfing for improving your game: GolfTec Grand Rapids

If you’re looking to shave a few strokes off your scorecard, look no further. GolfTec is the spot for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with GolfTec, I’ve got the skinny for ya. You’ll work with a golf instructor who will analyze your stroke and help you work out the kinks. Let me warn you, GolfTec can be a bit pricey (over $100 per session). You may, like Bob Barker, be thinking, “The price is wrong (you know what).”

But if you’ve got the dough, GolfTec may be absolutely worth it to you. There are cheaper hobbies than golf (looking at you, pickleball), but there may be no better feeling in sports than ripping a drive 300 yards, landing on the green, and one putting your ball into the hole.

At GolfTec, you’ll be fitted with an array of sensors all over your body. The sensors monitor your swing, and your instructor will pore over the data and help you adjust your swing. GolfTec technology does for golfers what the Apollo program did for astronauts.

They’ve also got club fitting services – once your swing is analyzed, they’ll set you up with a brand new set of sticks that are perfectly tailored to you.

  • Address 1: 2121 Celebration Dr NE Suite 150, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
  • Address 2: 4500 Ivanrest Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418
  • Website: GolfTec

The most social spot for indoor golf: The Leaderboard Indoor Golf

Don’t get me wrong: while The Leaderboard is a more social spot than the other options on this list, hardcore golfers can still play here, hone their strokes, and get real data on how to improve their game. On over 300 virtual courses, no less.

That said, The Leaderboard caters to everyone, from Michelle Wie to hacks like me.

There’s a full bar here but no kitchen. Fear not! Grub from outdoor vendors is allowed.

  • Address: 5366 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
  • Website: The Leaderboard

The best indoor golf with other entertainment options: Spectrum Entertainment Complex

This place has everything. Stand-up comedy. Bowling. Woody’s Pressbox (super solid food).

They’ve also got indoor golf simulators. Bring your clubs, your buddies, and a ball, and whack it at a screen. Watch your ball soar thanks to the magic of technology and infrared light waves.

Don’t worry! There’s food and drinks available through Woody’s.

  • Address: 5656 Clyde Park Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
  • Website: Spectrum

Looking to Sharpen Your Short Game?

My great-grandfather, an avid golfer, was fond of saying, “Drive for show. Putt for dough.” The best way to perfect those putts? That would be mini golfing, of course. Nothing trickier than tapping a putt past a moving windmill blade!

Check out our article on all the best places to mini-golf in Grand Rapids, which includes indoor options. Just taaaaap it in.