The 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Grand Rapids

most romantic restaurants grand rapids

Got a hot date? Lucky you.

You’re in the right place. I’m spilling the tea on the most romantic restaurants in Grand Rapids.

Whether it’s your first date or your five-hundredth, make it a memorable one. I’m covering all the GR greats, from the city’s classic, evergreen date-night options to our trendiest hotspots.

From tapas to tacos. (Yes, tacos are romantic. Don’t @ me.) I’ve got classic “romantic” foods like French and Italian on here, too.

Put on your favorite outfit. Fellas, if you’ve got hair, throw some product in it. Ladies, slip on that pair of shoes that make you shimmer. It’s time to sparkle.

Map of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI

The most romantic restaurant in East Grand Rapids: Rose’s

Rose’s is an EGR classic. The large deck out back overlooks Reed’s Lake, so if the weather’s pleasant, try to score a table outside.

Is goat cheese an aphrodisiac? I’m not sure, but Rose’s is divine, served with housemade root chips.

My boo for life is a huge fan of the cranberry turkey sandwich. My go-to is their pizza. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a bag of Rose’s famous caramel corn for dessert.

  • Address: 550 Lakeside Dr. SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • Website: Rose’s

The most romantic restaurant downtown: San Chez

What’s more romantic than sharing a meal? Well, get some tapas at San Chez, you and your sweetie can share a meal off the same plate. 

Order whatever sounds good – everything on the (rotating) menu is sublime. Their Patatas Bravas and Croquettas are menu mainstays for a reason; they’re gloriously delicious.

Whatever you order, make sure you save room for dessert. San Chez’s dessert offerings are transcendent.

  • Address: 38 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: San Chez

The best spot for a casual date night: The Commons

the commons grand rapids

If you’re not looking for a multi-course meal and white table clothes, head over to The Commons.

Their kitsch, 1970s vibe is fun and flirty, just like our readers.

  • Address: 547 Cherry St SE Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: The Commons

For a romantic meal in a converted mansion: Paddock Place

Treat your dearest to a meal at Paddock Place, and you’ll be eating dinner in a converted mansion. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Formerly called Mangiamo!, I know couples who got misty-eyed when the restaurant announced it was closing. The building was the home to so many first dates and lawn wedding receptions, the idea that it might cease to exist was traumatic.

Fortunately, the closing was impermanent, and we’re now blessed with Paddock Place. The menu features elevated global cuisine and wood-fired pizzas.

  • Address: 1033 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • Website: Paddock Place

The best special occasion option: MDRD

Hold onto your wallet. MDRD is gonna set your bank account balance back a bit.

But. It’s the perfect option if you’re celebrating a special romantic occasion. Like an anniversary or a milestone birthday.

Located on top of the swank Amway Hotel, MDRD boasts stunning views of the Grand Rapids skyline. Buy a bottle of champagne and toast your love.

The view (and your boo) aren’t the only breathtaking things at MDRD. The food is a visual feast – the plating is absolutely stunning.

End the night right with some dessert. The El Limón, shaped to look like a lemon, is a decadent delight.

  • Address: 187 Monroe Ave NW 27th Floor, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: MDRD

The best spot for a first date: Knoop

I’m a huge fan of Knoop. Take that new hottie you right-swiped on for your first date here, and I’ll bet you’ll score a second date. Maybe even a smooch or two.

The interior is ultra-cool, with honey-blonde tongue and groove wood everywhere. Large windows offer spectacular views of Grand Rapids.

For unrivaled views, grab a table on Knoop’s rooftop patio. The food is served tapas style, so maybe you and your hottie’s hands will graze one another as you both reach for a pretzel knot.

The wall featuring delft plates will transport you to The Netherlands. Or, if you’re among West Michigan’s Dutch population, your grandmother’s kitchen.

  • Address: 131 Ionia Ave SW 8th Floor, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: Knoop

For a classic romantic date night: Amore

Remember that scene in Lady and the Tramp, where the two dogs are slurping the same spaghetti noodle, and eventually, their lips meet? Adorable and iconic.

Recreate the scene with your honey at Amore. They’ve got the best Italian food in town.

The atmosphere inside is dimly lit and intimate. Blow kisses across the table, hold hands, play footsie – whatever it is you and your plus one are into.

  • Address: 5080 Alpine Ave NW, Comstock Park, MI 49321
  • Website: Amore

The best French option: Mertens Prime

Toast, fries, kisses – the French know how to elevate the ordinary.

Mertens Prime (formerly known as New Hotel Merten’) has a masculine, modern interior. Their take on French classics like cassoulet and steak and frites is unrivaled in Grand Rapids. Feast with your significant other on rich, delicious French bites.

Grab a drink on the rooftop deck to make your date night even more magical.

  • Address: 35 Oakes St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: Mertens

The most romantic spot for after-dinner cocktails: Less Traveled

Not ready for the night to end? No problem.

Swing over to Less Traveled, a cocktail bar by Long Road Distillers. Trendy and intimate, enjoy a nightcap at Grand Rapids’ coolest cocktail bar.

As a bonus, every patron at Less Traveled is treated to a free amuse-bouche. Don’t speak French? An amuse-bouche is a little taste of something that will amuse your mouth – in this case, a small nip of a cocktail.

  • Address: 959 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
  • Website: Less Traveled

The best romantic option if you’re craving tacos: Luna

Why are most “romantic” places slinging Italian and French food?

Bust out of the mold and grab what is truly the most romantic food in the world: the humble taco.

The lighting at Luna is romantically dim. The tacos are divine. Your breath will be honeyed with cilantro. Perfect time to steal a kiss.

  • Address: 64 Ionia Ave SW #100, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: Luna