Where to Play Pickleball in Grand Rapids: 9 Best Courts

best pickleball courts in grand rapids

Looking to hone your drives and sharpen those dinks?

I’ve got you. Pickleball fever has officially swept Grand Rapids (and my household), and I’ll let you in on my favorite places to play.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just dipping your toes in the pickleball waters or you’re a seasoned vet, let’s find you a court. Zero zero two. Game on.

grand rapids pickleball

Map of Pickeball Courts around Grand Rapids, MI

The best outdoor pickleball courts

If it’s dry and above 20°F, I’m an outdoor pickleball kinda guy. Let’s go over your best options. All outdoor courts, besides Rooftop Pickleball, are free to use.

The best downtown: Belknap Park

belknap park

Belknap is king. 21 lighted courts (with rumblings of more). Dink all day. Drive all night.

If the weather is pleasant, expect throngs of pickleball players. Seriously. The place is more hopping than an Olivia Rodrigo concert. There will be a wait at peak times, but the carnival atmosphere and friendly country club vibes bring me back – it’s hands down my favorite place to play. It’s a great option if you don’t have a set foursome – there’s always someone wandering around with a paddle, hoping to join a game.

First, check the signage to figure out where to go. Some courts are for foursomes, others are 2 on 2 off (winners stay and split teams), and there are challenge courts (winners stay). Play here is also arranged by skill level, and beginner, intermediate, and advanced courts are clearly marked. Head to the courts that are appropriate to your level of play. If you’re not sure where to go, ask someone. Most players are friendly and eager to help.

Helpful hints you’ll only find at EverythingMidwest.com: the button for the lights is by court two, on an electrical box just south of the drinking fountain. And it’s Belknap tradition for the team on the north side to serve first. The Franklin X-40 is the Belknap ball of choice.

The Beer City Open, a massive tournament that hosts pros and amateurs alike, is held at Belknap every July. It’s the premier pickleball tournament in Grand Rapids and was founded by local pro player Andrea Koop.

Work up a hunger on the courts? Head to China City after your games and feast on a Chinese food buffet.

  • Address: 30 Coldbrook Street NE,  Grand Rapids, MI  49503
  • Website: Belknap Park

The best with kids: Ada Township Park

If you’ve got kids, Ada Township is your new favorite pickleball venue. The nearby playground is within sight of the courts and will keep your older kiddos occupied while you grind out a couple of games.

Ada Township Park’s wooded areas are lovely and worth romping through. Whitetail deer sightings are common (I’ve spotted several), even from the playground or courts, so keep your eyes peeled for a thrilling glimpse of wildlife.

  • Address: 1180 Buttrick Ave SE, Ada, MI 49301
  • Website: Ada Township

The best by the airport: Cascade Township Park

If you see a foursome playing at Cascade Township Park early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, playing Sigur Ros from a Bluetooth speaker, that’s my foursome. Come say hi.

There’s a playground 100 yards or so away for entertaining your kids. Or, raise ’em right, and get them on the court with you. Get their stance closed for groundstrokes and open that stance at the kitchen line, and your kiddo might be the next Ben Johns or Anna Leigh Waters.

  • Address: 3810 Thornapple River Dr. SE, Grand Rapids 49546
  • Website: Cascade Township

Best mini-road trip option: The Lake Odessa Picklebowl

It’s a bit of a hike from Grand Rapids, maybe 45 minutes or so. But it’s a cool, middle-of-nowhere spot with eight courts, all individually fenced off. Built in 2017, the courts are pristine and are at the bottom of a natural topographical bowl, so wind isn’t usually a factor.

It’s right next to a fairground – time your pickleball trip when the fair is happening, and enjoy funnel cakes, 4H exhibits, and other fair fun.

  • Address:  S Fairgrounds, Lake Odessa, MI 48849
  • Website: Picklebowl

The other best pickleball courts with lights: Grand River Riverfront Park

If you’re looking to play outside when it’s dark, Riverfront Park in Lowell is the only option besides Belknap. While the lights aren’t the ultra-bright, expensive LED’s that Belknap offers, you’ll be able to play pickleball at night! You’re whacking a plastic ball with your friends and getting a little cardio to boot. What more do you need? The eight courts are far less busy than Belknap.

Important note! The pickleball courts are on the north side of the river, just south of the Walgreens. GPS is notoriously fickle in getting you there. The courts are off Bowes Road.

  • Address: Fulton and Bowes St intersection (off Bowes)
  • Website: Riverfront Park

The best courts west of town: Hudsonville Pickleball Courts

The Hudsonville Pickleball courts are a popular option for anyone in the Hudsonville/Grandville/Jenison area. Six dedicated courts with nice surfaces.

These courts fill up quickly and are used by the Hudsonville Pickleball Club on Monday and Wednesday weeknights – the club fills a few of the courts, and the club takes precedence.

  • Address: 5535 School Ave, Hudsonville, MI, 49426, USA
  • Website: N/A

For a fun change of pace: Rooftop Pickleball

There are four pickleball courts on the 4th-floor rooftop of the Amway Grand Plaza. Who knew?

Enjoy exceptional views of Grand Rapids while playing on the former tennis courts. Guests play free, while drop-ins are charged an hourly court rental fee. There is a small bar by the entrance where you can buy canned beer and other refreshments.

The best indoor pickleball courts

Don’t let inclement weather or darkness stifle your pickleball game. Keep the fun alive and the plastic ball popping at these indoor options.

For serious pickleballers: Grand Rapids Racquet and Fitness (GRIFF if you’re hip)

I’m a big fan of Griff. Members here tend to be higher-level, pickleball-is-my-passion kinda folks.

There are four permanent pickleball courts here, as well as pickleball-lined tennis courts. The courts are professionally surfaced, and the lighting is high-end.

Members play free and can reserve courts a few days in advance, but drop-ins are also welcome.

GRIFF is also a gym. Admission gets you access to their weight and cardio equipment.

The best pickleball-only facility in town: All In Pickleball Gym

This baby is so new (it opened in April) it just cleared its Apgar tests. Don’t worry, All In scored a 10 outta 10, and this baby is thriving.

I haven’t played here yet, but I hear the courts are immaculate. The facility boasts five full courts for games, as well as two half courts for skinny singles, drilling, and the like.

Members enjoy discounted pricing and other perks, but drop-ins are welcome, too.