The 9 Best Indian Food Restaurants In Grand Rapids (Local Opinion)

best indian food grand rapids mi

I can smell delicious Indian food from up to a mile away. My wife thinks it’s naan sense.

Ok. I’m sorry.

Look, sometimes I get curried away.

Seriously, though, how lucky are we to live in a world with Indian food? Give me all the variants of marinated and sauced chicken, lamb, and goat, please.

I’m not sure how many different varieties of bread exist (gotta be at least 30, right?), but naan is definitely in my top five. Take that, pumpernickel.

Thanks to a vibrant Indian community in the southeast of Grand Rapids, our city boasts some Indian restaurants that are pure gems. Let’s look at some places in GR that really shine.

Map of the Best Indian Food Restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI

The best Indian Food in downtown Grand Rapids: Palace of India

If you love Indian food and have spent any time in Grand Rapids, you probably know about Palace of India already. Its reputation as one of the top Indian spots in town is well deserved.

I’m a huge fan of anything here that comes from the tandoori section of the menu. Everything off the tandoori menu is cooked in a traditional tandoor clay oven. Food cooked over a live fire is one of the best kinds of food there is, right?

Palace of India also offers a robust selection of vegetarian and vegan options, so if animal products aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of dishes to pick from.

  • Address: 138 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3256
  • Website: Palace of India

The best strip mall restaurant: Karki Restaurant and Bar

Karki is a Nepalese and Indian place in a strip mall on 44th street. There’s nothing better than eating elevated food in a strip mall – it totally defies expectations.

The prices at Karki are very reasonable, especially when they serve you such delicious food. I’m a sucker for their momos. Everything is plated beautifully, again tricking you into thinking you’re dining at the hippest spot in town.

  • Address: 2293 44th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508
  • Website: Karki

The best Chicken 65: Curry Leaf

Curry Leaf is another great option for Indian food in Grand Rapids. If you’re feeling basic, opt for the butter or tandoori chicken. If you feel like having a culinary adventure, try the samosa chaat or lamb roganjosh.

Go ahead, order the chicken 65. You’ll thank me later.

  • Address: 2222 44th St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508
  • Website: Curry Leaf

Out of this world samosa: Pal’s Indian Cuisine

Just thinking about Pal’s has my stomach rumbling.

Pal’s is great for takeout or visiting with a large group. The best thing about going anywhere with a large group is you get to try a bite of everything your friends order. This is a game changer if, like me, you suffer from “menu FOMO” (a totally real thing I made up just now).

Murg malai tikka, samosa, and the masala kotcha naan are some of my go-to favorites.

This is another spot with a massive vegetarian menu if that’s your thing.

The best kinda fancy Indian spot: Pind Indian Cuisine

Pind is another downtown Grand Rapids hotspot. It’s also got that kinda fancy, not too fancy vibe, which we midwesterners seem to love. Throw on a blazer or a hoodie, tuck that napkin in, and chow down.

They’ve got a vast menu and a full bar. Like, the menu is so big you may get menu FOMO. Take a deep breath – it’s ok – just resolve to come back and order something new next time.

  • Address: 241 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: Pind

Best Indian buffet in Grand Rapids: Mithu Srilanken and Indian

Unfortunately, the covid pandemic killed a lot of the buffets in Grand Rapids.

Mithu to the rescue. Their buffet is back, baby! And it’s an embarrassing wealth of foods, with several dozen options to pick from.

Believe me, you’re not gonna need dinner after coming to Mithu’s lunch buffet. And that menu FOMO? It disappears when you can literally try a bite of almost EVERYTHING ON THE MENU at the buffet.

The best South Indian eats: Grand Indian Cuisine

Grand Indian is another spot that has revived the buffet, so if you’ve got a massive appetite that can only be suppressed with tandoori, bread, and biryani, head to Grand Indian.

Expect a well lit, clean restaurant with air fragrant with Indian cooking spices. Their food tastes so good, it seems like it should cost way more money.

Another 28th Street Indian food gem: Indian Masala

If you’re noticing a trend of spots on the SE side, you are an observant reader. No bias here! I grew up a Westsider (the west side is the best side, anyone?)

GR’s Indian population tends to skew toward the SE side of town – so, the great Indian places tend to populate the southeast side of town.

And Indian Masala is a great Indian place. They specialize in Northern Indian dishes, and though I’m not an expert on the regional variations of Indian food, everything I’ve tried here has been superb.

  • Address: 5769 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546
  • Website: Indian Masala

A hidden gem: India Town

India Town is another Indian spot that specializes in Northern Indian fare. If that’s your scene, make your way over to India Town and grab a bite.

I think India Town is a hidden gem. It’s on Division south of 36th Street, so no one is going to mistake it for a hotbed of the hip eateries in town. But that’s tends to happen with some of the mom and pop ethnic food places – awesome food getting cooked in a forgotten strip mall.

  • Address: 3760 Division AVE S, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
  • Website: India Town