Where to Take Pole Dancing Classes in Grand Rapids (All Your Options)

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Did you see the 2019 film Hustlers?

The movie, which starred some of our greatest queens, including Constance Wu, Cardi B, and Julia Stiles, was a triumph at the box office, earning over $100 million dollars. The plot follows a group of women who know a thing or two about pole dancing.

They steal money from the hotshot stock traders and CEOs that are visiting the club that dance in by running up massive credit card charges when the men are passed out.

The film raises some salient themes about society – like, who are the true hustlers? But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

What I am here to talk about? Did you see J-Lo’s thighs in that film?

My word.

Enshrine that woman in bubble wrap and ship her to the National Archives, she is an absolute treasure.

The fact that Jennifer Lopez didn’t win an Oscar for her performance in Hustlers will stain the reputation of the Academy for generations. Generations!

The film (and Jennifer Lopez’s subsequent performance at the Super Bowl halftime in 2020) was a watershed moment for many. It clued them onto something. Pole dancing is empowering – another queen, Beyoncé, tells us to be comfortable in our skin and cozy with who we are.

Let’s ditch the negative stereotypes that some people have about pole dancing. Let’s be cozy with who we are. Oh, and pole dancing is a stellar workout, too (more on the benefits later). Your muscles may feel a slight “pole toll” the next day, but the workout and the joy of movement will be worth it.

Map of the Pole Dancing Studios in Grand Rapids, MI

Where to take pole dancing classes

There are only a handful of studios in Grand Rapids offering pole dancing classes. The good news is they’re all terrific options with friendly staff, and they all embrace positive values like affirmation and empowerment.

The best studio for women: Flirt Fitness Studio

My female friends and neighbors rave about Flirt Fitness Studio (it’s only for women or anyone who identifies as a woman, so I have not taken a class there).

Flirt Fitness’ sole focus is pole dancing – they don’t offer any other type of classes. The studio takes a holistic approve that centers on “family and sisterhood.”

Get your soul to the pole and try one of their intro classes if you’re new to the art form. Once you’ve mastered the basics, move on to one of their signature classes, like “curvaceous kitty.” Flirt also offers a bunch of specialty classes, like pole choreo, handstands, and several more, so you can focus on whatever pole technique you need to master.

You can also rent the entire studio by booking a private party here. Sounds like a bachelorette/birthday party/girl’s night out that you’ll remember forever.

The best pole studio in downtown: Midwest Movement Collective

Midwest Movement Collective offers an array of dances, including aerial, hip-hop, liquid motion, yoga, tap, contemporary dance, and more.

But if you’re in downtown Grand Rapids and want to pole dance like J Lo, Midwest Movement Collective is your best option. I recommend starting with their “pole fundamentals” class, which will cover all the foundational movements you’ll need to know.

Subsequent classes offered at Midwest Movement Collective are pole 1, pole 1/2, and pole 3/4. Learn how to perform jaw-dropping pole feats like spins, climbs, and inversions. As you progress, the delightful staff at MMC can show you how to do aerial inversions, drops, and leg hangs.

And if you’ve taken a few pole classes at Midwest Movement Collective, you may be ready for their Pole Heels class.

This class (heels optional) has a “sultry and sensual” focus, and the choreography will focus on heel techniques. How you kings, queens, and non-binary royalty manage to dance in heels is beyond me. You are absolutely slaying if you’ve reached this level of pole performance.

The most fun pole dancing classes: Zeal Aerial Fitness

Zeal Aerial Fitness offers all the hottest forms of fitness. They’ve got classes in silks, hoops, hammocks, and bungie.

And their pole dancing classes are a blast.

If you feel the Zeal, head down to their studio, which is on the southwest side of town. Start with their intro to pole class, which will help you master basics like spinning and climbing the pole comfortably.

Once you’re ready, progress to Zeal’s pole 2 and 3 classes, which cover more difficult moves like brass monkey, hangs, and shoulder mounts. Zeal even offers a class called “Pole’Ography and Polerina,” which allows you to create your own choreographed routine using both a static and spin pole.

Why you should pole dance

Now that I’ve shown you where you can channel your inner “Jenny from the block” in Grand Rapids, let’s cover the health benefits of pole dancing.

Benefits of Pole Dancing

It’s time to move past the negative stigmas and stereotypes people may have regarding pole dancing. Pole dancing is empowering and good for your body. It can also boost your self-esteem.

1. Weight loss

If your health goals include weight loss, pole dancing may be perfect for you. You’ll burn around 250 calories when taking a pole dancing class.

2. Flexibility

If one of your “pole goals” is increasing your flexibility, you’ve hit the jackpot. Pole dancing is a great way to stretch your muscles, which boosts your range of motion. It’s great for coordination and balance, too.

3. Build muscle

You’ll build, strengthen, and tone your muscles when you pole dance. Pole dancing is a full-body form of exercise. You’ll be engaging musculature in your core, upper body, quads, and hamstrings – the whole shebang.

4. Boost your self-confidence

Working out releases endorphins, and the flood of chemicals to your brain will make you feel good. Be your best self, and live your best life. Hit the pole and dance, baby.