The 8 Best Vinyl Record Stores in St. Louis (A Local’s Guide)

best record stores st louis

I never imagined that I would one day use my music degree to write an article on vinyl record stores, but here we are.

During my college years, when I wasn’t in the practice room or doing music theory homework, my music-major friends and I would spend our weekends rummaging through one of the many record stores throughout St. Louis. Surprisingly, there are quite a few of them!

Read on to discover my picks for the 8 best vinyl record stores in St. Louis.

Map of Vinyl Record Stores in St. Louis

Best overall selection: The Record Exchange STL

You could spend the whole day in The Record Exchange and still not see everything they have to offer. With over 10,000 square feet of vinyl, cassettes, VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs, you’ll be able to find music from any artist you can imagine.

Founded in 1977 by Jean Heffner, this store also sells a large selection of speakers and stereos. This store is truly one of St. Louis’s hidden gems; be prepared to spend the whole day here!

Most iconic: Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl isn’t just a record store, it’s a St. Louis landmark. What began as a booth at the Soulard Farmers’ Market in 1979 is now one of St. Louis’s most successful record stores, and for good reason. Vintage Vinyl’s home is in The Delmar Loop, right across from the iconic Blueberry Hill, where Chuck Berry performed regularly throughout his career.

Vintage Vinyl has an extensive inventory of new and used vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes. The staff is knowledgeable, and this is just an all-around fun place to spend the afternoon.

  • Address: 6610 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130
  • Website: Vintage Vinyl

My personal favorite: Planet Store Records

Because Planet Store Records is located in my lovely little neighborhood of Maplewood, I guess I’m just biased. This store’s selection is big enough that you could spend a lot of time browsing, but is also well-organized so that you can find things quickly.

With new shipments in daily, Planet Store has some unique finds that you may not see in the area’s other larger indie record stores. This shop’s laidback vibe, helpful staff, and competitive prices make this a St. Louis treasure.

Best jazz selection: Euclid Records

Joe Schwab created Euclid Records in 1983 as a small, 700-square-foot shop in the Central West End. After several expansions over the years, the store is now 7,000 square feet, offering new and used vinyl and CDs.

Located in the adorable downtown area of Webster Groves, Euclid Records is the shop for jazz lovers. Seriously, the jazz selection on the second floor is unparalleled. The store carries around 100,000 different titles, all of which you can order online.

Best t-shirt selection: Joe’s Records

Located in the South County Mall, Joe’s Records has over 8,000 square feet of vinyl, CDs, cassettes, video games, and more. Oh, and if you’re looking for a band t-shirt, this is the place; their shirt selection stretches all the way around the store.

With an impressive inventory and reasonable prices, you’ll definitely enjoy shopping at Joe’s.

  • Address: 43 S County Center Way, St. Louis, MO 63129
  • Website: Joe’s Records

Best people: Dead Wax Records

Dead Wax is a welcome addition to Cherokee Street, a hotspot for independent businesses and creative entrepreneurs. And at 800 square feet, this store might be tiny, but it has a big heart. All of the staff and owners seem to love vinyl as much as the customers do, so you can count on friendly and helpful service while you’re here.

Known for carrying jazz, funk, and soul, Dead Wax Records is especially well-stocked with music by St. Louis artists, such as Chuck Berry, Miles Davis, and Oliver Sain.

Dead Wax Records is only open on the weekends, so plan accordingly!

Best horror movie selection: The Record Space

Browsing a record store for horror movies may not be your first instinct, but at The Record Space, it makes sense. The backroom holds a vast collection of horror movies on VHS to blu-ray; scary movie lovers will definitely be able to find rare films that you won’t be able to get at any other shop.

Besides movies, The Record Space has a good selection of punk and alternative titles, along with a smattering of everything else. (Before you leave, be sure to check out the little arcade room in the back!)

Best vibes: Music Record Shop

With an entire wall of chalkboard doodles and live music every Saturday night, Music Record Shop is a fun hangout. If you browse through the bargain bins, you are likely to find high-quality records for just a few dollars.

This shop has a Charity Autograph Series, in which the money from each signed record is donated to charity. From generosity to live music, what’s not to love about Music Record Shop?