A Complete Guide to Wichita’s Breweries

breweries in wichita ks

Although it’s strange to admit, I think Wichita may be kind of cool now.

Growing up here, I never would have guessed in a million years that it would become a brewery capital in the Midwest, and yet here we are! Life is full of surprises, and I’m just glad this one worked out in my favor!

We’ve got breweries for any partiers out there, chill places to sit and drink with friends, and a new cidery that’ll blow your mind with their modern concoctions.

These nine breweries are changing the game, so grab your ID and prep those taste buds for the flavor explosion of your life!

Map of Breweries in Wichita, KS

1. River City Brewing Company

Craft beer is a booming business in Wichita now, but 30 years ago, that wasn’t the case. Enter River City Brewing Company. They opened their doors in 1993 as the first brewpub in Wichita. Making history one brew at a time!

Located in Old Town, River City Brewing has flourished in the past 30 years due to its stellar ales and fine food. This brewery is perfect for large groups and hanging out with friends. Plus, there’s no age limit, so if you want to take the family out for some homemade pizza or their famous fries, ain’t no one stopping you. Speaking of, you have to try the mac and cheese. Heaping portions, greasy goodness—I mean, it’s really the ultimate comfort food.

The atmosphere is so dang friendly. If you’re new to the world of craft beer, River City is a great place to start. With such a large selection, it’s totally normal to get overwhelmed at first. Luckily, the bartenders are there to help, as are the servers. They’ll answer all your questions and find you the brew of your dreams—whether you like hoppy beers, sours, or rich stouts.

Psst—they’re currently serving the Emerald City Stout, and as a self-proclaimed Guinness freak, I can’t get enough.

2. Central Standard Brewing

Central Standard is famous the whole state round. (Or square. Yeah, square.)

From the atmosphere to the brews to the people, Central Standard gets just about everything right. They offer indoor and outdoor seating, with cool retro vibes: think fun plants, wooden accents, and vintage furniture.

Although they don’t sell full meals (just snacks), they do have a local food truck out front most weeks. You can check the schedule on their Facebook and plan accordingly.

Now, onto what really counts: the drinks. With a sangria on tap and a housemade non-alcoholic fizzy drink, Central Standard tries to serve all. So long as you have an open mind and willing taste buds, there’s definitely a beer for you at CSB. With creative and funky brews, they experiment with a range of ingredients that result in explosive, robust flavors. Whether it’s a saison, sour, gose, stout, or Belgian-style ale, you know it’s gonna be good and you know it’s gonna be funky.

They’re community-oriented, showcased by their events on the lawn, whether that be concerts or group games. Plus, they’re dog-friendly, so you never have to leave your best pal behind. Honestly, Central Standard is the gold standard in Wichita, and they have been for seven years.

3. Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria

Finding a great place to watch sports can be quite the struggle. If the crowd at Buffalo Wild Wings is too loud or the one at your favorite bar is just too rowdy, Wichita Brewing Co might be the place for you. They’ve got amazing pizza plus a wide selection of beer, so you don’t have to worry about being pigeon-holed when there.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a hipster, there’s something for you at Wichita Brewing Co. Their so-called Mother Brewship switches it up every few weeks too, so there’ll always be something new on tap.

And every month they announce a new custom pizza inspired by Kansas culture and identity. Can it get more #loyaltolocal than that?

Get out there and watch the Jayhawks (or Wildcats—who am I to judge?) with a beer in hand and a pizza on the table.

  • Address 1: 8815 W 13th St, Ste 100, Wichita, KS, 67212
  • Address 2: 535 N Woodlawn St, Wichita, KS, 67208
  • Website: Wichita Brewing Company

4. Bricktown Brewery

Bricktown Brewery doesn’t brew on site, as far as I can tell, but they only sell local brews. Close enough, right? So, get ready for some fun sours, ales, pilsners, and IPAs from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Bricktown feels like your normal bar: it’s got loud music, laughing friends, and food that fills you up and makes your taste buds dance with joy.

Here’s the thing: in my honest opinion, Bricktown Brewery is more about the food than the beer. Nothing wrong with that, of course, especially if you tend to get a craving for some greasy food after a beer or two, but it’s still important to note.

  • Address 1: 2035 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS, 67206
  • Address 2: 2142 N Tyler Rd, Wichita, KS, 67212
  • Website: Bricktown Brewery

5. Hopping Gnome Brewing Company

When those hangover blues hit or you’re in need of something to sop up whatever you just chugged, Hopping Gnome has got you covered. This beloved taproom is tucked right between the Donut Whole and Piatto, a delicious, vegan-friendly Neapolitan pizzeria. Can it get more perfect than that?

Even though they’ve only been open for a few years, Hopping Gnome has evolved to be a true gem of Wichita. The intimate setting makes for great one-on-one conversations, and it’s really easy to make new friends there too. The owners and staff are super friendly and welcoming—honestly, you become family the second you purchase your first HBIC.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, they’ve got a stellar selection of sours, saisons, and ales. Plus, any place that offers a solid stout (with notes of coffee and chocolate, AMEN) is a win in my book.

6. Third Place Brewing

For any homebrewers out there: this is the place for you. The people behind Third Place Brewing started this brewery not for the money or local fame (if you can even call it that). No. They founded Third Place Brewing as a side hobby simply because they’re passionate about brewing delicious and flavorful beer. Now, if that doesn’t make your ale-filled heart melt, I don’t know what will.

They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating here with a homey, cozy atmosphere. So much so that it’s incredibly easy to become friends with everyone you’ll meet here, including the staff and owners. Clearly a theme with all of our breweries here in town.

And the brews are great too, especially the Red Truck IPA and Black Toro milk stout. Honestly, can’t recommend them enough.

7. Nortons Brewing Co.

This popular joint is located in Old Town, perfect for a bar crawl or long night of hopping around town. Norton’s beers are known for their big, brass flavors and varied brewing styles. Not a lot of traditional beers, but for those who enjoy a punchy flavor, Nortons has got you covered.

Nortons Brewing Co is inclusive and welcoming of all, making them a popular hangout for younger crowds. Not to mention, they’re always hosting a concert or other fun event. You won’t be bored here, I can tell you that for sure!

Plus, they’ve got the best fried pickles in town. What warm welcome would be complete without a basket of freshly fried pickles?

Top tip: Be wary of those frozen slushies: they’re delicious but sip ‘em slowly cause, believe me, you’ll be feeling it quickly.

8. Pour House by Walnut River Brewing Co.

Located in the Old Rock Island Depot, PourHouse is all about preserving history and tradition while adding their own modern twist.

For example, they take classic pub food up a notch here. Whether you’re feeling fish and chips, Scotch eggs, fried okra, or a spicy Cuban, the food just doesn’t disappoint. It never has, and it never will.

With a huge selection of beers, PourHouse never caters to one specific style. There’s truly something for everyone here. I’m talking a Chai-infused red ale, a truly intense Russian stout, or a light Kolsch. You’ll be satisfied here.

PourHouse is a great place to meet a friend for a bite and a brew, or even make a new friend! They cater to anybody and everybody, so you’ll always feel welcome there.

  • Address: 711 E Douglas Ave #105, Wichita, KS 67202
  • Website: Pour House

9. White Crow Cider Company

Consider this a special guest on this list of breweries: welcome to Wichita’s first urban cidery, White Crow!

Inspired by Britain’s extensive cider community, founders Kenneth and Denise decided to bring those delicious, crisp brews to Wichita itself! Their modern-style ciders are gluten-free and most are vegan, so it’s a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

Although White Crow is relatively new, the reviews are already in, and people are loving it! They’ve got board games, lots of seating, and wiggle room for those who don’t like to feel too crowded. Not to mention the ciders themselves, which are crisp and tart, with just a hint of sweetness.

So, bring in your growlers and get ready for a tasting to explore this new world of modern ciders.