6 Fun Tracks for Racing Go Karts near St. Louis

best go kart tracks st louis

Ever have the urge for an unforgettable, adrenaline-fueled thrill? What if I told you there was a way to experience just that, right at home in the Gateway City? That’s right, I’m talking about go karting in St. Louis.

With six excellent go kart tracks in the greater St. Louis area, it’s easier than ever to get racing!

Note: some of these are outside of St. Louis County limits, but I’ve made sure everything is within a 20-30 minute drive of the city. (Even in a sprawling city like St. Louis, it’s hard to make room for a long go kart track!)

I’ve also awarded each of these go kart tracks a specific superlative, to better help you determine which one is ideal for you.

Peruse this list, decide where you want to go, and get racing!

Map of Go Karts near St. Louis

Outdoor Go Karts near St. Louis

When the weather is nice, these outdoor tracks are perfect!

My favorite outdoor track: Boschertown Go Karts

If you want to go for an outdoor go kart ride, Boschertown Go Karts in St. Charles is your best bet. Not only is their go kart track outdoors, it’s also massive. Boschertown’s track is a whole half mile in length, so you can ride loop after long loop without getting too bored (or too dizzy).

Since Boschertown Go Karts is located outside, it’s only open when the sky is clear and the weather is temperate. If it looks like rain, opt for going to one of the indoor tracks in the next sectino, as opposed to making the drive.

Fastest go karts: Gateway Kartplex

If you’re game for driving a few miles into Illinois, make your way to Gateway Kartplex’s incredible outdoor facility. Your trip will be oh-so worth it for their go karts that can ride as fast as 55 MPH!

Gateway Kartplex’s go karts hover only an inch from the ground, so you’re sure to feel immersed in a race-car experience. Additionally, their track is a half mile long with 11 turns, giving you an opportunity to hone in on your steering expertise. Enjoy careening from one side of the track to another in a truly tricked-out kart.

While this is more advanced go-kart racing than other options on the list, they also offer classes so that new drivers can get used to being at the wheel of these serious machines.

Pro tip: This is pretty serious racing, so Gateway Kartplex requires all drivers to be at least 14 years old and 48 inches or taller.

Most family friendly: Swing-A-Round Fun Town

If the last two options sound a little intense, or you’ve got a kid who you don’t trust to drive a go kart just yet – bring them to Swing-A-Round Fun Town for a ride in the passenger seat. You read that right: they’ve got two-seater go karts, perfect for a parent and a child to ride together.

If you’ve got a big kid who’s ready to steer, they offer single seat go karts, as well.

In addition to go karting, they offer batting cages, mini golf, and both bumper boats and cars.

All in all, this is the best bet for family friendly outdoor go karting near St. Louis. With so many kid-friendy attractions, Swing-A-Round Fun Town is also an ideal setting for a child’s birthday party or special event.

They have one location in Fenton and another in St. Charles, making them accessible no matter what side of town you live on.

  • Address 1: 335 Skinker Lane, Fenton, MO 63026
  • Address 2: 3542 Veterans Memorial, St. Charles, MO 63303
  • Website: Swing-A-Round Fun Town

Indoor Go Karting near St. Louis

If you’re looking to escape the elements or otherwise experience the thrill of an indoor race track, check out these great options around St. Louis!

Best electric indoor karts: Victory Raceway St. Louis

First up, we’ve got Victory Raceway St. Louis. If you’re looking for a classic whirlwind of a go kart ride, you’re in for a treat here! Their quarter-mile long track is full of twists and turns that keep your 10-minute ride exciting and fresh. And it’s all indoors! So you can enjoy go karting, rain or shine.

Victory Raceway St. Louis’s electric go karts reach up to 45 MPH speed—talk about exhilarating! Best of all, they give off zero emissions, so you don’t have to worry about stinky exhaust fumes. Additionally, you can feel good about your environmental impact (or lack thereof) when you ride here.

For good eats and plenty of rides: St. Louis’ Incredible Pizza Company

If you think you’ll work up an appetite while go karting, head to St. Louis’s Incredible Pizza Company. They’ve got a massive pizza buffet and a go kart track to match.

The Incredible Pizza Company is a regional chain, but don’t let that deter your from visiting. Its St. Louis location is sure to leave every guest with a full heart (and stomach). Their indoor go kart rink is enormous, and it’s decorated with eye-catching black and white checkers—you’ll feel like you’re in a maze! They offer rides for both big kids and little kids to assure that all drivers and passengers will be safe and comfortable.

In addition to its pizza buffet and go karts, St. Louis’ Incredible Pizza Company offers other games, including laser tag and mini bowling.

For an adventurous afternoon: Amp Up Action Park Karting and Axe Throwing

Amp Up Action Park is designed with adult daredevils in mind. Not only do they offer professional level go kart racing, they’ve also got axe throwing and a ninja rope climbing course. Once you finish driving your electric, European-style go kart, you can work on hitting a target or scaling all the way up to the ceiling.

Though Amp Up is located in the humble Town and Country Home Depot, your experience there will be far from ordinary. They serve food and alcoholic beverages—though it’s best to wait on the drinks until after you’re done with your ride.