Ranking the 6 Best Chinese Food Buffets in Grand Rapids

best chinese food buffets grand rapids

Talk about a magical combination of words.

You started strong with “Chinese food.” Tack on the word buffet? Hey! Let’s party.

I’ve heroically trekked across Grand Rapids, stuffing my face with crab rangoons, egg drop soup, orange chicken, fried rice, and all other kinds of Chinese food goodness. You should be thanking me. My jeans inseam is not.

So come with me, gang, and see what I discovered. Let’s take a look at the best all you can eat Chinese food spots in town. Crack open that fortune cookie. It sees a full belly in your future.

Map of the Best Chinese Food Buffets in Grand Rapids, MN

The best on the Northwest side: New Great Wall Buffet

Say it with me: the west side is the best side. And New Great Wall, on Leonard Street, is in the heart of the NW side.

If you’re a west sider (or an east sider, no location discrimination here), head to New Great Wall. Thanks to the fine folks at New Great Wall, you can BUFFET ALL DAY. Put that on a T-shirt.

What’s in store for you at New Great Wall? Steaming trays of delicious Chinese food, that’s what. All the greatest Chinese food hits, including Moo Goo Gai Pan (fun to say), Sesame Chicken, and hot and sour soup. Grab a plate or a bowl, wield some tongs to heap that deliciousness onto your plate, and feast.

Local tip: Sandy’s Donuts is a hop and a skip away. Make the walk up Leonard hill, burn off a bit of your lunch, and grab the best donuts in GR for the next morning.

  • Address: 1040 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
  • Website: New Great Wall

The best on 28th Street: Fuji Buffet And Grill

It happens. You’re on 28th Street, shopping your day away, then it hits you. Your stomach starts to rumble, and you realized you shopped right through lunch.

Fuji Buffet and Grill to the rescue. The restaurant is legendary for its buffet. Picture mountains of orange chicken. Heaping platters of sweet and sour pork. Massive vats of steamed rice.

Over 200 items are prepared fresh at Fuji Buffet every day. So even the pickiest of eaters will find something tasty. And the place is huge, over 12,000 square feet (that’s like, warehouse big) and seats over 300 patrons. No waiting for a table here.

Prices vary depending on if you’re getting lunch or dinner (it’s another spot where you can buffet all day), and the buffet is slightly more expensive on weekends. But! Fuji Buffet is an affordable, easy on your wallet kinda place. Enjoy all-you-can-eat, steaming hot Chinese food for about the cost of a movie ticket.

  • Address: 4605 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
  • Website: Fuji Buffet

For an epic AYCE lunch: Hong Kong Express

No, I didn’t just smack some random keys on my Macbook. AYCE is a thing. It’s an acronym for all-you-can-eat.

So if you’re in downtown Grand Rapids, and you’re overcome with a powerful hunger, head over to Hong Kong Express. Satisfy your stomach with some wonton soup, an egg roll, and some General Tso’s chicken. Boom. That’s a three-course meal.

Still hungry? Grab some dumplings and lo mein. It’s AYCE, after all – get that bang for your buck.

The best buffet value: East Garden Buffet

Are you sitting down? You should be.

Wondering how much a buffet lunch will set you back at East Garden? $6.80. Incredible value. You can’t get a drive-through combo meal for $6.80.

Still sitting? There’s more. They’ve even got sushi at East Garden.

Need a buffet on the go? The masterminds at East Garden sell buffet items by the pound. Load up your take out container with whatever you like, stick it on the scale, and away you go. A portable Chinese food buffet, just for you. What a brilliant concept. High five an employee, and enjoy your movable feast.

Sushi, seafood, and Chinese food, oh my: Hibachi Grill And Supreme Buffet

Putting the word supreme in your restaurant name is so baller. Well done, Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet.

It’s aptly named. The sushi, seafood, and Chinese food at Hibachi Grill are supreme. I’m a sucker for the sweet and sour soup, crab rangoons, and the sushi. But the selection is vast, even including some American options like BBQ brisket.

Hibachi Grill is just off of Alpine, so you’re craving a Chinese buffet after a day of shopping and scoring hot deals, it’s the perfect spot.

  • Address: 785 Center Dr NW STE C, Grand Rapids, MI 49544
  • Website: Hibachi Grill

For a post-pickleball Chinese buffet: China City

Where are my pickleballers at? Are you all done grinding out some games at Belknap park?

If you’ve worked up an appetite with your dinks, ernes, and all the other adorable names you’ve got for your sport, head over to China City and feast on their lunch buffet.

Chinese food is the fuel that drives championship pickleball. You’l make the leap to 5.0 after eating their amazing egg rolls, Szechuan beef (my fav), or whatever dish your into.

Date night hack: if you’re having a date night at a Chinese buffet, things must be getting pretty serious. Congrats on that. After you’re done eating, make the quick trek to Belknap park. The sunsets up there are particularly stunning – admire one of the best views in the city.

A quick head’s up – the buffet at China City only runs weekdays, from 11-3. Okay, you’ve been warned.

  • Address: 1140 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Website: China City

What happened to Panda Buffet & Grill?

Panda Buffet and Grill was another popular 28th Street option. Sad news! They are now permanently closed. Give one of the other fine options, like Fuji Buffet (on 28th Street) a try.