The 7 Best Roller Skating Rinks near Grand Rapids

best roller skating rinks grand rapids

Ready to roll?

Many West Michiganders (myself included!) remember the two most magical words of childhood: skating party. These parties were a slow burn, starting with all skate, progressing to backward skate (*cough* show-offs *cough*), and culminating in the greatest form of rollerskating there is – lady’s choice.

Boys would line up, petrified, their palms as slick as a slip-n-slide. And they’d wait, hoping to be picked for a roll around the rink with the girl they were sweet on.

Relive that magic. Grab your boo or your crew, and lace those skates up nice and tight. Let’s roll through the best skating rinks in Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

Map of Roller Skating Rinks in Grand Rapids, MI

The best roller skating rink in Grand Rapids: Tarry Hall Roller Rink

If you mention roller skating to someone in Grand Rapids, their mind likely jumps to one place: Tarry Hall. West Michiganders have skated their days away at Tarry Hall since it opened in 1959. It’s the last of the roller rinks of yesterday that’s still operating under it’s historic name.

While ownership changed in 2021, expect the Tarry Hall that you’ve always known and loved. The same vibrantly painted walls that would look right at home on an episode of Saved By The Bell. The same blast of light from ceiling-mounted strobes. The same purple-black lighting that tells you it’s time to party.

Snacks and soda are available in the back, and there are VIP birthday party options available. If renting an entire rink for you and your crew is one of your #squadgoals, you’re in luck. There are several private party options at Tarry Hall.

Got a sweetie? Take them to Tarry Hall, grab their hand (not too sweaty, I hope), and make your way (counterclockwise) around the rink. Give their hand a little squeeze, glide weightlessly across the rink, and revel in the romantic glee that only a roller rink can deliver.

  • Address: 3330 Fairlanes Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418
  • Website: Tarry Hall

The best roller rinks in Kentwood and Byron Center: GR Skate & Event Center

There are two GR Skate locations, one in Kentwood and the other in Byron Center. Both of them offer that blast of skating rink nostalgia.

  • Looking for a cheap date? On Sundays, drop 22 bucks here, and you’ll get two of the following – admission, skates, sodas, slices of pizza, and cookies.
  • How about a cheap family day out? On Saturdays and Sundays, 44 bucks will get you four of the same.
  • Got a big crew, like a church group? Rent out the entire rink.
  • How about a kid’s (or hip adult’s) birthday party? GR Skate has you covered with affordable options.

Note: These rinks were formerly known as the “Kentwood Fun Spot” and “Byron Fun Spot.”

  • Address 1: 14 52nd St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
  • Address 2: 3651 84th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315
  • Website: GR Skate

The best roller rink value: Roller Fox Skating Center

Confession: I’m a huge fan of Roller Fox. It’s a little bit of a hike from Grand Rapids, around 45 minutes or so. But the retro vibes (drop ceiling, honey-colored maple floor, 90s clip art logo) scream roller rink.

Like any good rink, it’s a great option for birthday parties or a private event. Rent out the whole she-bang and throw the best kid birthday party, bachelor party, or milestone anniversary this town has ever seen.

  • Address: 12189 Apple Ave, Ravenna, MI 49451
  • Website: Roller Fox

The best skating rink in with indoor attractions: Jumpin’ Jupiter

First thing’s first: Jumpin’ Jupiter is a great name for a roller rink – 10 out of 10.

But wait, there’s more! (No, this isn’t an infomercial.) Jumpin’ Jupiter isn’t just an epic roller rink destination. They’ve also got a bounce house and a padded indoor playground. And they’ve got a cool little arcade, so you can try your hand at the claw machine while you take a skate break. Talk about a kid’s paradise.

Birthday parties and private group rentals are options at Jumpin’ Jumpiter, too.

Note: Jumpin’ Jupiter is in Muskegon, roughly 45 minutes northwest of metro Grand Rapids.

The best rink with adult options: RollXscape Skating Center

Don’t misunderstand me – RollXscape is kid friendly until late night. Book your kid’s birthday party here, and it’s guaranteed to be a day full of smiles.

But if you’re older, RollXscape is home to some Xtremely cool, adult only events. Are you a rave kid at heart? C’mon down for adult Roller Rave night. Skate around the rink and shake your moneymaker to a live DJ pumping out EDM.

Not into the Electronic Music glow stick scene? RollXscape sees you. They’ve also got adult only night options that feature music from the 90s to now.

FYI, RollXscape is in Holland, Michigan. It’s a little more than a half hour drive from Grand Rapids.

  • Address: 12521 James St, Holland, MI 49424
  • Website: RollXscape

The best road trip roller rink: Rainbow Gardens Roller Rink

Don’t worry, it’s not an all day road trip or anything. An hour and twenty minutes or so and you’ll be there. And this is a road trip worth making.

The people at Rainbow Gardens get it – the place screams roller rink. It seems like the only form of illumination here is neon. So the rink glows pink and blue and green from all the colorful lighting. Multiple disco balls reinforce the party vibes.

There’s a snack bar if you’re hungry. And like many other roller rinks, you can throw a birthday party here with a VIP rented room, or rent out the whole place for a one-of-a-kind party. If you do, you’ll enjoy full access to the arcade games. And I’m talking about the good games. Ski ball, air hockey, pool, and more.

Bonus: the building is a post-war beauty, built in 1948. Skate in style at Rainbow Gardens.