The 8 Best Indoor Water Parks near Grand Rapids (All Within 2.5 Hours!)

best indoor water parks grand rapids mi

Ready to make some waves?

Whatever kind of water park activity you’re looking for – floating on a tube down a lazy river, going down a water slide at breakneck speeds, or letting your kids go bonkers on a splash pad while you and your boo kick it in the hot tub – I’ve got you covered.

Look, I’m a local parent. My little waterbugs love nothing more than splashing the day away at a water park. Like Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere, man. I’m cluing you in on all the best indoor water parks near Grand Rapids.

Map of the Best Indoor Water Parks near Grand Rapids, MI

The best water park that’s not in a hotel: Holland Aquatic Center

Holland Aquatic Center absolutely slaps. It’s a hidden gem, so don’t go running around spilling the tea about the HAC to all your pals.

There are several pools here where you (or your little one) can practice their strokes. There’s a hot tub, sauna, and steam room, and you’ll have access to everything with a membership or guest pass. (Although guest passes don’t cover special events or lessons).

But you came here for the water park. They’ve got a lazy river if you feel like lounging. There’s also a splash pad at the Holland Aquatic Center that will fill your little humans with happiness. And, of course, a water slide that twists, turns, and delights you before it hurls you, giggling with glee, into the pool.

The biggest water park: Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is the best premium option for water parks in Michigan. It’s up in Traverse City, a couple of hours away from Grand Rapids. But many a West Michigander makes the pilgrimage to Great Wolf Lodge for an unforgettable weekend.

Some quick #realtalk: Great Wolf Lodge is pricey. Overnighting in the Lodge or getting day passes will put a hefty dent in your bank account.

But you can’t put a price tag on fun, and I can guarantee the kids in your life will have a ball at Great Wolf Lodge. The number of pools, slides, and lazy rivers at this place make it the Disneyland of water parks.

Grab dinner from The Hop Lot (kid-friendly, reserve an igloo, or sit outdoors), and your family is in for a magical weekend.

The best in-town option: Salvation Army Kroc Center

If you’re looking to get in on some water park action right here in Grand Rapids, The Kroc Center is the water park for you. Become a member or score a day pass, and you’ll have access to their excellent water features. (It’s also a fitness center, and membership/day passes will get you access to those amenities as well).

What can you expect? A water lover’s paradise, that’s what. There’s a lazy river at The Kroc, a massive water slide, colorful fountains, and splash features. Get your suit on and get down to The Kroc Center, pronto.

  • Address: 2500 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49507
  • Website: The Kroc Center

The best for little kids: Holiday Inn Grand Rapids South

The low-stakes fountains and small slides are sure to earn eye rolls from tweens and teens. But if your kids range from toddlers to grade schoolers, this is a slam-dunk option. It’s also affordable!

Grandpas and grandmas of Grand Rapids. I’m begging you on behalf of parents everywhere. Scoop up your grandkids and take them to the Holiday Inn. Give mom and dad a night off to explore a romantic spot in Grand Rapids while you watch your grandkids giggle the day away in their bathing suits. My parents have taken my kids here half a dozen times, and let me tell ya: they’re itching to go back.

  • Address: 6569 Clay Avenue Sw, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
  • Website: Holiday Inn

The best water park for thrillseekers: Double JJ

You gotta sign a waiver to enjoy Double JJ’s Gold Rush water park. So you know they’ve got the good stuff.

Good stuff like the tallest indoor waterslide in all of Michigan. They’ve got slides so thrilling they named them thrill slides. And there are geysers galore, spraying misty water everywhere.

If extreme water attractions aren’t your thing, fear not. Double JJ has an array of options for you, including a lazy river, a water fort, a wave pool, a toddler pool, and more. Phew. You’re gonna need a soak in the hot tub after all that – don’t worry, they’ve got those, too.

Note: Rothbury is an hour outside of Grand Rapids.

  • Address: 5900 S Water Rd, Rothbury, MI 49452
  • Website: Double JJ

The best in Mt. Pleasant: Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel

The Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel is a division of Soaring Eagle Casino, one of the best casinos in Michigan.

Ready to hear about the watery adventures that await you here? I’ll dish. There’s a very cool rock wall, made tough with slick hands, but who cares if you fall? You’ll splash safely back into the pool. There are multiple slides (some of which loop outside the park before coming back inside), a lazy river, and more. In short, everything you’re looking for in a water park.

Psst. Day passes are available if you don’t want to spend the night.

Note: The Soaring Eagle Waterpark is approximately 1.5 hours from Grand Rapids.

For a taste of Germany: Bavarian Inn

Do you know about Frankenmuth, Michigan? It’s a destination town that’s stuffed with Bavarian (German) architecture. It’s even home to the largest Christmas store in the entire world.

Onto the Bavarian Inn. The water park has four pools, three whirlpools, and two slides. Oh, and countless giggles.

Head’s up – Frankenmuth is a couple of hours away from Grand Rapids.

  • Address: 1 Covered Bridge Ln, Frankenmuth, MI 48734
  • Website: Bavarian Inn

Best water park in a greenhouse: Zendher’s Frankenmuth

The water park here is a riot of color, water slides, children, and glee. The water park is so massive it’s in a literal greenhouse. There’s a raft ride that can fit your whole family, and it’s six stories tall. Basketball hoops, volleyball, buckets of water that dump water when they fill up. Whatever water fun you need, Zendher’s has it.

  • Address: 730 S Main St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734
  • Website: Zendher’s