St. Louis Mini Golf: The 7 Best Courses

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Want to know one of my more controversial opinions? I think mini golf is a sport.

Ok, ok, so mini golf doesn’t quite measure up to the real thing. Sure, I get that it isn’t exactly golf. But doesn’t it require precision and encourage competition, just like any good sport? I rest my case.

St. Louis has quite a few lovely locales for mini golf. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled my favorites in the list below, and organized them based on whether they’re located indoors or outdoors.

Map of My Favorite Mini Golf Courses around St. Louis

Indoor Mini Golf Courses

If you’re a St. Louisan, you know our weather is far from predictable. That’s what makes these indoor mini golf courses excellent options for a packed day of putt-putt. Rain or shine, each of these spots will turn any ordinary afternoon (or evening!) into a memorable one.

Puttshack St. Louis

Puttshack is known for bringing an adult spin to arcade games around the world, and its St. Louis location is no different. Located inside the Central West End’s City Foundry, this dimly-lit, neon-decorated mini golf course is certifiably cool.

Puttshack’s high-tech golf balls are equipped with tracking, meaning you don’t have to keep score because the balls do it for you. Just make sure you watch out for the hazard traps along the way—they can cause you to lose your hard-earned points!

P.S. – If you’re looking for some party with your putting, head to Puttshack after 8 pm—no kids are allowed, so it’s the perfect time to let loose with some dancing and a drink. Try your hand at the Beer Pong and Ring of Fire variations for an extra challenge.

Golf the Galleries at The Sheldon

The Sheldon is known for its art exhibits and performance events, but did you know they’re home to a mini golf course, too? Dubbed Golf the Galleries, this annual installation has proved a hit for five years running and counting.

With nine holes, this mini golf course is the perfect amuse-bouche for your time at the gallery. However, just because it’s brief doesn’t mean it’s easy. On the contrary, each hole is designed differently by local artists and architects. This innovative twist makes it a perfect course for the creative mini golf aficionado.

Golf the Galleries is a summer event, so mark your calendars and get ready to experience the most visually impressive mini golf course in the city.

St. Louis Pinball and Escape

At St. Louis Pinball and Escape, mini golf proves itself to be the perfect escape room companion. Treat yourself to a game after you break out of the room!

This course offers 18 holes under a blacklight to enhance the arcade ambience. In addition to the mini golf course, the space is equipped with plenty of other activities to entertain you and your friends: board games, vintage video games, and a massive, ever-rotating pinball machine collection.

The course is chock-full of retro references that are sure to give you a touch of nostalgia for the 80s and 90s. Plus, there’s a full bar —what’s not to love?

Head to Soulard to enjoy the spoils of this fun-filled venue.

  • Address: 1517 South 8th Street, St. Louis, MO, 63104
  • Website: St. Louis Escape

Outdoor Mini Golf Courses

These outdoor mini golf courses are sure to be poppin’ on any sunny summer day in STL. If you’re visiting out of season, be sure to check ahead to make sure these greens are open for business!

Union Station Mini Golf

If you haven’t paid a visit to Union Station yet, you’re missing out. The iconic renovated train station has got it all—a swanky hotel, the city’s aquarium, an enormous Ferris wheel…oh, yeah, and mini golf, too.

When you first enter this mini golf course, you’re going to be struck by how beautiful it is. Seriously, the landscaping is artfully done. Plus, the Ferris wheel serves as a stunning backdrop for the course. Head to the course after dark to see it all lit up!

Union Station Mini Golf has got 18 holes, perfect for hours of fun with the fam. Unlike many mini golf settings, this course is ADA-approved, so it’s accessible for everyone.

Aloha Mini Golf and Shave Ice

Aloha Mini Golf and Shave Ice combines the beloved game with a similarly beloved childhood staple: sugary shave ice! Grab a cup of one of 40 flavors before or after your mini golf game to help sweeten up your day.

Aloha’s mini golf course is all-you-can-play, meaning you can go through it as many times as you want. Plus, if it starts to rain while you’re putting, they’ll give you a ticket to come back on a nicer day. This is surely the place to be to get the most out of your mini golf experience.

Both shaved ice and mini golf conjure the feeling of childlike whimsy that we so often forget about in adulthood. So, get yourself to Aloha Mini Golf and Shave Ice to relive the vibe of summers past!

Swing-A-Round Fun Town

If you want variety with your outdoor mini golf, head to Swing-A-Round Fun Town. They’ve got three totally individual 9-hole courses—that’s 27 different putt-putt challenges for you to conquer.

No matter what outdoor game or activity you’re in the mood for, Swing-A-Round Fun Town is the place for you. Once you finish your mini golf game, you can claim a batting cage or hop into a bumper boat or go kart to let loose.

Swing-A-Round Fun Town is located in Fenton, about a 25-minute drive outside of St. Louis proper. Though it’s a bit of a drive, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Cave Spring Golf Center

Located in St. Charles just outside of St. Louis County, Cave Spring Golf Center is home to another favorite mini golf course of mine. It’s been family-owned since 1973, so it’s geared towards families looking for an entertaining day with the kids. This course is straightforward enough that kiddos will enjoy it, yet has plenty of challenges to please older, more advanced players.

The Golf Center also has a driving range if you’d like to do more than just putt. And if you’re a true golfer looking to improve your technique, they offer private lessons, too.

This fully lit course is open throughout the day and into the night. Head in at dusk for a gorgeous tour around the pasture as the sun is setting.