The 7 Best Steakhouses in Wichita (Ranked by a Local)

best steak in wichita kansas

Did you know that the “Cowboy Capital” is located in Kansas?

It’s true! Dodge City, the former Cowboy Capital of the world, was one of many Cowtowns along the Chisholm Trail.

All this to say, in Kansas, we’ve got cattle. And we’ve had them for quite some time. So, we know what we’re doing when it comes to steak.

Below are the best steakhouses and beef-filled restaurants in Doo-Dah City, some of which source from local farms. I told you we have cattle!

So, let’s “moo”-ve it along and get you a cut of the best steak in Wichita.

Map of the Best Places for Steak in Wichita

Best for date night: Siena Tuscan Steakhouse

If you’re looking to impress, Siena Tuscan Steakhouse is the place for you. The cool yet classy urban atmosphere is luxurious in and of itself. Now, add to that the Tuscan-style eats and extensive wine menu, and you’ve got heaven-in-Wichita.

This restaurant is located on the bottom floor of the Ambassador Hotel in Downtown Doo-Dah. Many claim to have had the best filet mignon of their life here. In true loyal-to-local fashion, Siena Tuscan Steakhouse makes an effort to source ingredients from small-time farms and other local vendors, such as Creekstone Farms in Ark City.

There’s homemade pasta, locally raised beef, and a wine display that honestly made me drool when I saw it for the first time. This place is perfect for a date night, taking your parents out for their anniversary dinner, or impressing your boss. Just get ready to shell out the big bucks.

Best for cocktails: 6S Steakhouse

With a gorgeous chandelier room and moody vibes, 6S Steakhouse is yet another perfect option for a night on the town.

Chef Reifschneider sources her steaks from Creekstone Farms located in Ark City, a mere hour away. Because of this, the meat is always fresh, and the portions are huge. Though it’s definitely on the pricier side of things, the ambiance and portion sizes make the splurge worth it. Treat yourself!

Plus, their cocktails are delicious, funky, and absolutely worth trying. Take their tropical, chai-inspired drink, the Painkiller. Can it get any funkier than that?

For the ultimate luxury, make a reservation ahead of time for a semi-private or fully private dining experience and enjoy!

Psst—they usually have live music on Friday evenings, so I’d call in for then if I were you.

  • Address: 6200 West 21st St N, Wichita, KS, 67205
  • Website: 6S Steakhouse

Best for decor: Hangar One Steakhouse

Hangar One Steakhouse is a Wichita classic. The aviation décor sets it apart from any other steakhouse in town, as well as being a nice homage to our extensive aeronautic history!

All of the steaks are hand-cut and aged for 21 days before being hardwood grilled, and they’re as delicious as you’d expect.

Although Hangar One isn’t cheap, it’s not as expensive as some of the other steakhouses on this list. So, if you have a party or a large group, book the Aviator Lounge in advance and rest easy knowing it’s one of the more affordable, local steakhouses.

One note – Hangar One underwent a remodel a few years back which resulted in spotty service. Hopefully, this 30-year-old steakhouse will win back those rave reviews and regain its previous glory.

Best for desserts: Chester’s Chophouse & Wine Bar

Chester’s Chophouse overlooks the Waterfront, making it perfect for gulping down cool margaritas in the summer heat. Or is that just me?

Like some of their competitors, Chester’s also sources their beef from Creekstone Farms in Ark City. It’s better, it’s fresher, but it’s also more expensive. Chester’s will carve a dent in your wallet, but you’ll leave with a full belly and a smile on your face. I say it’s worth it!

The steak is excellent, especially the New York strip, but the real star of the show at Chester’s is the desserts. Their Tumbleweeds (IYKYK) are locally famous and for good reason. It’s a Kansas classic, and one I’ve indulged in on many an occasion. Just trust me, you’ve got to try it.

If the tumbleweeds aren’t up your alley, I recommend the limoncello cheesecake or the citrus almond carrot cake. So, if you like a sweet treat after a juicy filet mignon, Chester’s Chophouse has got you covered.

Local landmark: Scotch & Sirloin

Scotch & Sirloin opened in 1968, shifted ownership in 2014, and is now back and better than ever. With one of the most extensive wine lists in all of Wichita, this is truly a treat-yourself sort of restaurant.

They serve only Sterling Silver Premium beef sourced in the Plains. After aging for a minimum of 30 days, they sear them to seal in all those yummy juices. Cue the drooling. Aside from a fabulous rib eye, they also have oddly amazing seafood (for a landlocked state) if you’re in the mood for surf ‘n turf.

Plus, they have a butcher shop now, so you can take home their cuts and grill ‘em up for yourself.

This restaurant is on the dressier side, so throw on some pearls and head on over for the meal of your life.

Best for Cajun: Todd Brian’s Street Café & Tavern

Todd Brian’s differs from the other restaurants on this list as they’re not just a steakhouse. They’re also the best Cajun restaurant in all of Wichita. Bring on the flavor, baby!

With over 75 flavors of martinis, Todd Brian’s is vastly underrated in the downtown dining scene. They’re best known for their gumbo and jambalaya, but they deserve more credit.

It’s a little different from the others on this list, but their chicken-fried steaks are huge and smothered in the most succulent gravy. Their steaks are some of the cheaper options in town, and, though they may not be the most well-known, you know they’re going to be flavorful.

If you’re looking for a smaller, more casual dining experience, head on down to Old Town and pop into Todd Brian’s Street Café & Tavern. Spread that local love!

P.S. They also have gluten-free options! Great for everyone!

Best for parties: Kobe Steakhouse of Japan

Y’all, I’ve been catching grilled shrimp in my mouth for about a decade now thanks to the incomparable Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse. It’s a local favorite that brings out my inner child and my competitive side.

This Japanese Teppanyaki dining experience features a Hibachi-style grill. So, it’s the perfect place to hold a birthday party or other such raucous celebrations. Just remember to get a reservation ahead of time!

Their friendly, accommodating staff are the cherry on top of this already perfect pie. You can’t go wrong with their filet and steak combos on the grill. Everything is perfectly seasoned and cooked right in front of your eyes. They start every meal with soup and salad and end it with hot tea and sorbet. It’s the perfect night out.

So, grab your favorite people and make a reservation for 6 PM, because it’s time to catch some shrimp!