The 8 Best Places for Tacos in Wichita, KS (A Local’s Opinion)

best tacos wichita ks

In my opinion, every day should be taco Tuesday. And, if you want to go by the Beatles’ rules, you need eight taco joints for the eight days of the week!

But never fear, Wichita has got you covered.

After inhaling tacos for much of my life, I have carefully cultivated a list the eight best restaurants for tacos in Doo-Dah City, so you don’t have to.

(In case you missed it, I previously covered the Best Mexican Food in Wichita, KS which also features some of the restaurants below.)

So, if you’re craving some carnitas or tripas, you’re not alone. Taco Tuesday every day! Eight days a week!

Map of the Best Tacos in Wichita

Lunch rush: Molino’s Taqueria

It’s all in the title!

Without a doubt, Molino’s Taqueria is dedicated to making some of the best tacos in town. With a build-your-own, cafeteria-style setup, Molino’s Taqueria is perfect for quick lunches and group hangs that won’t break the bank.

They’ve got homemade tortillas, crispy chips, and elote that is simply to die for. Although you won’t be getting any tripe or lengua here, there are still plenty of options for everyone. Plus, they have a vegetarian portabella rajas option, for any plant-based eaters out there!

Molino’s Taqueria is family-friendly, as fast as good food can be, and fairly priced. Whatcha waiting for?

Best street tacos: Taqueria El Fogon

El Fogon uses a rotating spit for their al pastor meat, which is arguably their most popular menu item. Each taco costs less than two bucks, so you won’t have to worry about leaving there with an empty wallet. (A full wallet and a full belly is my favorite combination.)

Taqueria El Fogon also has lengua, barbacoa, tripas, and buche, so it’s a great place to try something new!

Aside from their amazing street tacos, Taqueria El Fogon also offers huaraches, gorgitas, sopes, burritos, tortas, alambres, and much more.

Like many of the best taco restaurants out there, Taqueria El Fogon is cash only, so hit up an ATM before strolling in.

  • Address 1: 1555 South Bluffview Dr, Wichita, KS, 67218
  • Address 2: 2604 North Arkansas, Wichita, KS, 67204
  • Website: Taqueria El Fogon

Jalisco flavors: Taqueria la Chona

Taqueria la Chona may be new in town, but they’ve already established themselves as a kingpin of Wichita tacos.

If you need any proof, let it be known that the owners of Taqueria la Chona used to run a food truck, so their street tacos are tried-and-true. Locals rave about the beef birria and their lengua tacos.

However, the truth about Taqueria la Chona is that one visit is simply not enough. There’s too much food to try!

This is one of the few full-service, authentic taco restaurants in town, so you can sit for a spell and really enjoy the gorgeous meal placed in front of you.

Best in Delano: Los Pinos

Whether you’re dining in, driving through, or grabbing some takeout, Los Pinos has got you covered.

Frankly, Los Pinos has some of the best fried tacos in town. Those shells are somehow soft and fluffy while maintaining a nice, fried crunch with every bite. It’s magic!

From al pastor to barbacoa, they do just about everything right here. It’s not the biggest restaurant, so don’t come in with a party of 50, but hey—that’s what the drive-thru is for!

  • Address: 1225 West Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS, 67213
  • Website: Los Pinos

Hidden gem: Alondra’s Tacos

This cash-only, mom-and-daughter shop may be my new favorite hole-in-the-wall in Doo-Dah City. Aside from supporting women-owned businesses (woo-hoo!), these ladies do it right.

Whether it’s combining flavors or textures, Alondra’s Tacos always produces the perfect taco with just the right amount of char. It’s all about the cilantro and onion, baby!

Their tacos are a little over $2 a pop, which is a little more expensive than some of the other restaurants on this list. However, for the amount of meat they manage to fit on those tiny corn tortillas, two bucks ain’t bad at all.

Best for the price: Taco Fajita Restaurant

I know this is a list of the best tacos in town, and while Taco Fajita has some stellar tacos, that’s not the highlight of their menu.

No, the star of this show is the infamous machete, a two-feet-long quesadilla that can serve up to three people. Gooey cheese, crispy tortilla, peppers, meat, I mean what’s not to love?

But, aside from their mind-bogglingly large machetes, Taco Fajita is also famous for their dollar tacos! These cheap and delicious options can be stuffed with anything from saudero to pollo al pastor (yes, chicken al pastor!).

The service may be a bit slow due to their popularity, but that machete (and those tacos) is so worth it.

Carry out favorite: Mr. Taco/Tacos Alex

This shop was founded in 2017 by the owners of Alondra’s Tacos, so you know it’s good. (Plus, it’s cash only, which is usually further proof.)

Their barbacoa and al pastor tacos are fan favorites. Everything is cooked right in front of you on a flat-top, and the smell is overwhelmingly good! Watching it cook is like watching a rainbow form. Is there anything more magical than that?

Mr. Tacos is best for carry-out or outdoor seating, by the way. Not ideal if you’re looking to sit inside for a while.

Mr. Tacos, or Tacos Alex depending on who you’re talking to, doesn’t deserve to be overlooked, guys! Go give ‘em some love.

  • Address: 711 West 25th St N, Wichita, KS, 67204
  • Website: Tacos

Local landmark: Taco Rio

Taco Rio has been open since 1978. It’s been feeding Wichitans for decades now and has truly withstood the test of time. Their lunchtime rush is absolutely insane, but totally deserved!

On Tuesday, Taco Rio offers 75-cent bean or meat tacos! This place is the fastest fast food you’ve ever seen. And if you’re not in the mood for tacos, give their cheese-covered sancho a shot.

Taco Rio is a local landmark for a reason. Some claim the recipes have changed in the past few years, but I say it’s up to you to test it out.

  • Address: 1022 West Douglas, Wichita, KS, 67203
  • Website: Taco Rio