The Best Thrift Stores in St. Louis (Top 5)

best thrift stores st. louis

Whether you want to refresh your closet for summer or to stock up on sweaters during the off-season, why not hit up a thrift store? In the past few years, this once-unusual hobby has skyrocketed in popularity.

I’ve always preferred thrifting to regular shopping. I love that it’s cheaper and more sustainable. But best of all, St. Louis has tons of great thrift shops!

Whether you’re a bargain hunter or a boutique shopper, there’s a great place to find used, vintage clothes for you in St. Louis.

Below I’ve listed by six favorites of mine and assigned them superlatives to help you find the best thrift store for you.

Map of the Best Thrift Stores in St. Louis

Best Trendy Throwbacks: Avalon Exchange

Usually heavily populated with WashU and SLU students, Avalon Exchange is a Gen Z thrifter’s paradise. When you enter, you’re met with shelves chock-full of hip accessories—think kooky sunglasses and neon wigs. Circular racks of clothes from yesteryear fill the space, hand-picked to suit a funky twenty-something’s sensibilities.

I’ve found many of my favorite statement pieces at Avalon. They’re pretty choosy about the garments they feature, but one thing’s for sure: their clerks are informed on the trending styles. Whether you’re looking for clothes to suit cyberpunk, dark academia, Y2K, or cottagecore, you’ll find something at Avalon Exchange.

Consider dropping off a bag of old clothes when you arrive—if they take anything, you’ll get cash or store credit to use on your purchase.

Don’t forget to check out the formalwear section at the back of the store—that’s where some of Avalon’s best deals can be found. This spring, I found a 60s gown to wear to a gala event for only $17!

Best for Miscellany: Goodwill Outlet Bins

Goodwill Outlets are known for their excellent bargains on clothing, toys, books, and home goods – all purchased by the pound!

At the Goodwill Outlet, these bargains can be found in enormous bins that line the outlet’s warehouse. These bins have become increasingly sought after by thrifters nationwide, and the St. Louis bins are no different.

The Goodwill bins aren’t always organized—let’s be real, they can be a total mess—so make sure to designate ample time to sorting through them. You might have to dig your way through a few layers before you get to the good stuff at the bottom!

The Goodwill Outlet has unusual hours—they’re open 10-1 and again 3-6—and there’s often a line to get in. So, if you’d like to check out the bins, get there early and bring a buddy to help fill up your cart. Happy bargain hunting!

  • Address: 3728 Market St, St. Louis, MO, 63110
  • Website: N/A

Best Bang for Your Buck: Found by the Pound

Located in a North County warehouse, Found by the Pound is a young thrifter’s dream: racks and racks of clothes, all priced by weight. That’s right, everything here can be purchased for about 3 bucks per pound! You’ll be amazed how much stuff you’ll be able to get for cheap.

Found by the Pound stocks plenty of modern-day styles as well as those from yesteryear—you’ll find a surplus of 80s patterned button-ups and stylishly weathered jackets here. Their clothes are often attention-grabbers, so come ready to abandon playing it safe fashion-wise.

Gather up an armload of garments to gussy up your personal wardrobe and drop ‘em on the scale!

Best Curated Thrift: Found. Vintage.

Affiliated with Found by the Pound, Found. Vintage is a highly curated clothing store, entirely populated by once-loved items. It’s the boutique version of its cheaper, warehouse counterpart.

While the garments are slightly pricier, it’s worth it for the simplified shopping experience—you won’t have to do much searching to find what you have in mind.

Found. Vintage prides itself on being queer-friendly and super inclusive, so if you’re looking to find supportive folks who advocate for genderless clothing, head on over!

They’ve got a location on South Grand and another on Delmar, so you can peruse their pieces in your neck of the woods.

  • Address 1: 6325 Delmar Blvd, University City, MO, 63130
  • Address 2: 3232 South Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO, 63118
  • Website:  Found Vintage

For the Grandmas at Heart: Savers

Savers is a chain thrift shop, but the location on Watson Road in Crestwood might as well be its own independent institution—it’s that good.

When you enter Savers, you’re greeted by loads of kitschy wall art, collectible home wares, and affordable books. Then, you can make your way through the store’s many (MANY) clothing racks full of pieces priced low—every clothing item I’ve gotten from Savers has been $5 or less.

You’ll find some more modern gems hidden in the mix if you spend the whole afternoon searching, but their garments are overwhelmingly ones your grandma would probably wear. Lucky for you, grandma-chic is very trendy at the moment.

Fill up that cart and prepare to be surprised by how little you spend on a boatload of clothes!

Best for High-End Pieces: The Vault Luxury Resale

Some might argue that high-end items don’t have a place in thrifting, as the industry has traditionally been all about making secondhand clothes more affordable for those in need. However, thrifting is more than just buying clothes cheaply—it’s about reducing clothing waste on all levels. If you’re a luxury enthusiast who wants to shop secondhand, The Vault is a wonderful place to go.

The Vault seek out pieces from luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada, while also stocking more affordable options, including Zara, Free People, and Madewell. No matter your price point, you’re sure to leave with a unique, high-quality piece you’ll love.

Plus, everything is certified as authentic by their team of in-house verifiers.

If you’re not up for thrifting in person, they’ve also got an online catalogue of their wares to order from. Enjoy your new luxe items with the assurance that you’re saving money and helping the environment by not buying new.

  • Address: 2325 South Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, MO 63144
  • Website: The Vault