The 9 Best Italian Restaurants in Wichita

wichita best italian food restaurants

Let’s be real: ain’t nothing in this world like Italian cuisine. It’s comforting, warm, filling, and, best of all, extremely cheesy. Wichita is home to a multitude of fabulous Italian restaurants, ranging from traditional to modernized fare. So, whether you’re feeling an authentic cacio e pepe or something more experimental, there’s a seat for you … Read more

The 9 Best Italian Restaurants in St. Louis

best italian food st louis

I spent a summer in college “studying” abroad, and I think that’s when my obsession with Italian food began. (I’ll be honest- as I ate my way through Italy, sampling pizza, pasta, gelato, and cannolis any chance I could get, I was doing way more eating than studying.) Lucky for me, St. Louis is home … Read more